I jerked, Madam! I jerked!

It’s often been said – well, a LOT has been said, I should say that in many ways, jerking off to a woman – any woman – is one of the greatest “compliments” a guy can give a girl.

Don’t get me wrong – I know that conjures up icky images of Bozos jerking their wangs to porn in front of the computer, tongues wagging away nineteen to the dozen, badgering random women up and down.

But it’s true in a way – Mistress Sadie said it too!

Think about it.

If you’ve not even seen her in person, if you haven’t seen her face – if it’s just her WORDS – you have not even heard her voice – then it’s just the VIBE that makes you want to grovel, submit and send her money – and if THAT isn’t the biggest compliment ever for a man or woman that has it SPOT ON – what is?

Ditto for if you’ve “seen” a pose of a woman online.

Or a foot shot outside in real life that makes you just want to drop DOWN – right THERE!

It’s the VIBE!!!

Which is what counts. And subconsciously, the woman has got it spot on – she’s using the tools I mentioned in  “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese (or any) mainland“.

I spoke of “jerk boy, jerk!” in the last email.

And I did jerk for a change, except in the shower, and it lasted a sum total of 2 minutes, or less. Hehe.

Less than the amount of time a cuck lasts if and when he’s “allowed” sex!

And of course,way less than the amount of time his own cock stays hard when HE Is banged sissy style, or he has a dick dangling in front of him to suck and slobber on!

That slit of the penis!



I came in gobs, mostly all nipple stimulation.

I later picked up my goo from the drain – it was stuck in with HAIRS.

And I picked each one out painstakingly, so my SO, whose feet I also thought about (her soles, actually)  don’t step into the gunk.

But mostly, it was the Korean Goddess making a fist I thought of!

THAT is femdom!

That “condescending pseudo caring AWWWWWW slavey” look!

And what does this have to do with you you might ask ?

Well, after a massive load like that released “non sissy style” for the most part, you’d think I’d be down for the count.

But barely an hour later, I’m as horny as ever.

And the key, my friend to replenishing semen and desire so quickly isn’t just my workouts. 


And the ability to “feel” my P spot via my MIND alone.

Thats right.

I can feel my P spot vibrate with bliss if I think about it – THAT is how powerful my techniques are.

No fingers or dicks sliding in ass!

Just my mind.

You, my friend, may never get to the point of control I’ve gotten to.

But you can get pretty damn close with the techniques I mention in Sissy-gasm Central, a course whose benefits extend way, way beyond the physical – and into the metaphysical.

Whether or not you want to become “at peace” and One with the Universe – is – up to you!



PS – Sissy compilation available HERE. “3 in 1” – value for money – grab it NOW before I jack the price up (which I will very soon!).

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