Bitcoins, and your privacy is SECURE with us

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Bitcoins, and your privacy is SECURE with us

Spicy Erotic

And thats why Bitcoins were invented, of course.

Unless one does something illegal, of course, in which they CAN be traced back to the original sender/recipient (Silk Road for example was tracked down – anything can be these days!) …

… but in most cases, BTC is one of the best modes of payment if you’re interested in real privacy in terms of where the money is being “sent” from when you buy my books and manuals.

And thats why it’s offered as a means of PAYMENT here. 

Believe me, there have been people that have asked about this, and I can understand why.

Not everyone is into being “outed” like this idiot Schofield character seems to be.

He’s in the UK.

And he sends my friend in India a bunch of outrageous messages -which upon reading, one goes WTF.

Quite truly. I’ve been sharing some of ’em here too!

But anyway, thats a brief headsup, cuck.

Get to work NOW.


Mike Watson

Ps – If you’re into being publicly humiliated, let me know – our kink counseling will determine what to do, and how much to charge. Hehe.

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