The sheer FEROCITY of my orgasms, the “steel band” erections I had with Madam Pearl, and more!

I woke up this morning to Sophia’s pink shoes, lying right next to me on my pillow!

Stinking to high hell and beyond. She had recently been out in the rain, boy!

And you know the beneath, of course.

“You can never have sex with me, or touch me, boy!” 


“Thats only for my rockstar MAN!” 

But I CAN kiss her feet, and as I thought of her long legs, those lovely probing eyes, that wavy black hair, that DOMINANT ATTITUDE “how much do you have in your bank deposit boy!” (the first day we met!) – and me pressing her soles all night long I almost came, but didnt.

I kissed the shoe, and took a deep inhale.

And remembered perfect Madam Pearl, findomina au extraordinnaire!

Often times when Pearl would sense that “I had had enough”, or the “pressure had built up too long”, she would giggle, and say the following.

“Slave! (or Servant!)” 

“You can use your hand now!” 

And curiously enough, I’d beg her to NOT allow me, to deny me further, to PROLONG the agony!

She’d do that sometimes, but usually, and as usual, she’d win.

It didnt take long for me to jerk off – often without even touching my cock, I’d cum – just a nipple tweak was all it took – often by my own hands. 

In person, she’d giggle and make me lick it off. 

When we first starting dating online, I wasn’t required to take pictures of it, and send her, but I did anyway!

Kissing the spot where all the jizz fell was KEY – we did this naturally i.e. she told me to do it, but I would have done it anyway. My lips are meant for cock and cum!

Then we’d giggle sissy style “and chat”.

No more sex!

But this, my friend …along with the financial raping she handed me – and often times, after meeting each other “use your hand “translated to hers on my nipples, gently with a dildo or butt plug “plugging me in the ass”, and then talkign about – and this is key – at the SAME TIME – the MONEY!

Often times, the phone would be there, and the DING! as the money left my bank account, and she’d hit my sissy spot the SAME time – and oh my!

What pleasure, what ectsasy, and the sissy cock would be hard as a ROCK!

Move over sissies with limp dicks – confronted with findom, cocks and female feet, we’re harder than studs, and STAY HARD!

The sheer feeling of being raped!

With her hands on my nipples!

And more than the lovely broad meaty soles, and all the above!

The look in the eye – the findom – the WALLET RAPING -my MONEY going to HER – while she giggled, and used it as she pleased, and dated other men, made me less than chattel, and more!

Giving girls money, my friend is the best thing ever!

Giving girls money while they rape you – oh – boy!



PS – Pearl and her expert machinations – and FINDOM – is the overriding theme of Submissive Musings – Volume #1 – you’ll want to get this NOW.

PS #2 – Princess Sherry was another one that expertly looted and abused me, and while Pearl is married now, I’m not sure about Sherry – but you’ll want to grab Volume #2  – – this one will really hit HOME!

PPS – And yes, you CAN live this sort of life with various women – it ain’t just fantasy my friend. And no, it ain’t about the size of your bank account, your “large wang doodle”, or Mommy funded credit card. It’s about attracting on auto pilot. Learn how to do it in the Complete Guide to Understanding Dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland –Truly NEVER SEEN BEFORE INFO!

PPS #1 – Pearl was such a Goddess! 38 RMB first, then 200. Then 500. Then 2000! And there was a point she’d take my entire SALARY and deny me access to it, while shed chat with me, and probe my sissy spot – and I’d cum – in GEYSERS while handing HER MONEY!

True, she didnt go in multiples of 10, but it was close enough!

That feeling of CUMMING while handing a dominant woman your MONEY – CONTROL – FOREVER – it’s true sissydom!

Learn how to cum sissy style right here – SissyGasm Central. 

But remember – more than anything – it’s all about MONEY … always about MONEY … BOY!

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