Armpit sniffers, smelliest part of rooms, and …

Boy, listen to me.

I don’t have much time to talk to you. I’m on the clock – 5 minutes. Madam wants to be fed, and I better do it!

She’s too good to , you know, use her own hands. She’s on the phone, and slaps me if I interrupt her.

And I gotta feed her anyway!

Before that, here is what she told me, boy.


“Yes, Goddess”

“You know there is a job called “armpit sniffer” ?

She giggled.

“No, Madam”.

I honestly didnt.

And I said it, and then she told me to shut up.



“But the smelliest part of the room, boy, or me – my soles! ” 

And there she plonked them right inf ront of me, hehe.

As if I needed any reminding!

And as I serve her, the other best part for you, cuckie!

Her ass – preferably with stud cum dripping out of it.

Her asshole, boy!

Both before and after she SHITS!

Her holy sweat.

Her holy sweaty and CLEAN asshole …

You get the pungent picture, don’t you, bitch boy!

Those cheeks … mmms!

And I;m out soon.

Before that, Madam Sophia – remember her, boy?

She’s tired, and irritated.

She put a picture on WeChat with her “beauty cam”, and cucks rushed to her saying “Madam, you don’t need it! You’re gorgeous anyway!”

And then of course …

“Whose going to pay for my head massage, boy!” 

Yours truly sissy suggested it …

And if you, boy, want to pay up – then pony up – NOW!

I’m out. Back soon!



PS – Here is where you can learn to turn into the perfect cuck for her.

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