Ancient African Ritual that elongates your manhood

Wonders never cease, my friend …

I just got the following in my inbox with the title I just sent you in THIS email …

(It’s pasted below with my comments)

This guy offered his white wife to the African tribesemen as a gift in return for their secret MANHOOD elongation ritual. 

And it worked! You have to see this! 

MW – (picture of hot white chick and obligatory black dude grinning from ear ear along with the video, which I didnt watch). 

They’ve been known for quite some time for their secret penis elongation methods by the elites and scientific community. 

MW – (I call bullshit, but we’ll talk more about that below, cuckie!)

For many decades, people have been trying to learn about this ritual, but with no luck. 

MW – (I wonder who would want to travel to some remote place in Africa with no basic utilities, not to mention the langauge etc, and cannibalism, spear throwing etc. Must be one enthusiastic dong lover, hehe). 

(or Madam Su, She would love those black guys!)

MW – Until this guy came and did the unthinkable i.e. gave them his wife in exchange for the SECRET. 

(well, it’s not unthinkable to me!)

 It’s incredible – they filmed every step of it and documented it! 


This should be used because it will increase the length of your member by 4 to 7 inches in a few weeks. In fact it’s already created some monster out there!

Oh, and if you wonder if the tribesemen scored on the white chick? 


MW – (Of course they did. IT wouldn’t make for a good story otherwise!) 


Now, why do I tell you this, cuck?

Well, first off, cock length is something we all love.

The studs want longer cocks, and the cucks like them to slob upon.

And of course, the tiny cocks out there that could use some enlarging, but to THIS extent?

I mean, I saw some pictures of these dudes.

And they have POLES literally for dongs!

I mean, I wonder how their women handle it!

Just SUCKING some of those monsters would be tough. I’m talking massive pythons around 10 inches minimum, and thick!

Anyway, apparently the method involves rubbing herbs on the penis, and then putting it in tree trunk or something … 

Id’ love to be the one adminstering it, hehe. I’d even kiss each head and thank it!

But those men are sexy though – flat stomachs, strong legs .. just imagine, and that treasure hanging between their legs, just dangling for you …

Anyway …

I can’t offer you tips on enlarging your penis.

Other than looking at MY large penis, hehe. We all know you cucks love that!

But I can offer you one tip on making your dick smaller, and becoming a sissy.

And that, my friend, is explained in the Sequels to “serving an Indian Goddess”. 

If you’re interested in real sissydom (and believe me, the cocks Priyanka had me take were every bit as long as these tribal cocks) – then Go HERE and learn how …



PS – And as for ultimate sissy pleasure? Well, learn how to GIVE – and get – right here!


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