Like a tube of PASTE …

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Like a tube of PASTE …

Spicy Erotic

Yes, my friend.

I forgot to say this in the last email, but I meant to, but almost as if on cue …

A Sissy that came several times just by reading Cuckold Compilations said the following (he wants to be a Watson faithful member, but doesnt have the cash to PONY UP – pun intended!) …


You are truly a real master, and I really want to worship your balls. 

Master, please unlod your heavenly shit on me, please put me in my place. ‘Master, please SLAP ME HARD! 

Please let me see your FEET , MASTER!

Now, other than this rubbish, he sent me the following. . . (and it seems he was jerking off when he sent it!).

“I came twice to Cuckold Compilations, please let me in the faithful, thank you for the honor!” 

Apparently he says this too.

“I can’t afford it now, but I want it anyway, and I dont want to ask you for “free””. 

And so forth.

Well, before I address this garbage (garbage because if you cannot pay, you obviously don’t play – especially not with a man like ME).

And …

(I almost shat laughing while saying this, but it’s true, hehe).

I had to go to the bathroom right now.


To take a mammoth dump. 

After writing this, I will. But I saw that tube of toothpaste, tightly screwed on.

BIG and tubular, thick, with lots of juice.

That is white and blue.

Mine is DARK.

And much like the tube – – you cannot peel the headback, hehe.

I might let you “unscrew” it though, boy!

Dream away. Haha.

I’m out.

Dream of my shit, and if you’re worthy, go HERE.



PS – Kisses as well sissy! So says Madam Sophia!

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