I want to piss and shit on YOU, boy

I’m drinking a cold one now, boy!

As Jerome so often did …. dick wangling in front of me, that lovely black dark hose of his, the head always wet …

(either from his piss or from his cum).

Or pre cum.

My feet are up on the table, like his, spread apart, my balls are visible to you cockroaches down there!

Truly, boy!

You exist to be STOMPED by a real man’s SOLE.

And look at his cock, and salivate …

JEremey isn’t here now.

Neither is Jerome.

White, black.

BUT … I am. 

And I need to do what Jerome so often did to me, give YOU a shower – of piss – which you can drink, or bottle up with fizz in it. 

I dont want to shit on you right about now, but I might just let you near my asshole …

But Madam Sophie is with me.

SHE needs to go shit …

Nice well formed turds, just like Pooja Memsahib’s!

PROVE you’re worthy, boy, and we migh tjust give you the ride and fantasy of your life!




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