Why CRAVEN Submission is what it’s ABOUT!

I’ve always been told I’m “rather extreme” in many regards.

Fitness. Life. Motivation. Whatever it is, If I do it right – I make sure to do it right!

“If you’re doing it, then DO IT!”

And do it WELL.

“If you’re working for a man, then for goodness’s sake, WORK for him!”

So said Claude Bristol in the Magic of Believing

“If you’re submitting to Madam, then for God(dess)’s sake – SUBMIT TO HER!” FULLY! 

Mike Watson

Thats always been my mantra. And for some reason, while this works great for people in “normal life”, for femdom, or fetish, no?

I wonder why, my friend?

Lets take femdom for an instance.

I mean, if you get married – aren’t you supposed to remain FAITHFUL despite all the other women you (a guy) might or might like – ditto for ladies?

So, why should femdom be any different?

I mean, if I do something, I go the whole humpty – and femdom wise, isn’t it better – the more craven it gets – the more SHE is into it, and mentally FEELS like she’s on top, and the more YOU mentally FEEL like it’s on the bottom – oh my!

The MENTAL, my friend is what it’s about.

Without thinking or doing a single thing consciously, I can feel my prostrate tingle right now -and let me tell you, that is a wonderful, wonderful thing to have!

OK, and now, I’m fantasizing about that lovely butt plug my ass and sitting here leaking writing to you which I already AM.


Sissygasms – REAL ones – are beyond belief!

And something ALL of you, real man or not should experience.

Of course, the majority of you will “Google for it so you dont have to pay to learn”.

Well, it’s up to you.

But you won’t find anything this exhaustive and of this quality online, I’ll tell ya that!

And again, back to extremes.

Extreme is how it SHOULD be – and what makes it fun!

And in terms of femdom, Pooja Memsahib is the only one that took it so extreme.

Go here, and grab this book NOW.



PS – Paperbacks available too. Think about it – an entire LIBRARY of femdom for YOU!

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