Sophia Memsahib!

She’s dominant, she’s wonderful, she’s a miracle on this planet, and the Earth is lucky to have her FEET walking on it!

And I consider myself blesssed and fortunate as I have all morning long to not even have her feet on me, but to PRESS – her shins!

As I do so, my finger rubs out her KNOTS.

You know, her calves hurt, and they’re strong!

“YEs, you fool! My feet are not elegant! Big and strong feet!”


And little did Madam know, THAT is what I wanted.

Those strong feet to massage for hours.

To worship, while she chats to her dream man whose dick she’d suck, and dirty condom she’d put on ME.

Perhaps pinch my NOSE with it!

Thats a new one, pinching nose with his condom. Used one! 

“Piggy boy!” she’d chant, and I’d smell his real man cum evenmore!

But more than him, his cum, his USED CONDOM< those LEGS – would be in front of me!

The Universe is speaking through Sophia to me, my friend.

She’s relaxing.

That lovely black hair is flowing, and I can feel Jyoti sneering at me.

Thats your lot in life, boy!

I might not have been able to do it with Jyoti. But, Sophia?

There’s always a chance, and she’ll never suck my dick, but I’d lick her all day long!

Ditto for Madam Venus.

But this is about Sophia.

That black skirt, those LEGS!

Those strong feet and calves!

I’m overwhelmed.

So should you, boy!



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