Pressing Jyoti Madam JI’s legs after she came home, tired after dancing with many men!

I cannot control my joy and EMOTION!

I can see Jyoti’s cunning sexy eyes staring at me NOW.

I KNOW you wrote the book about Indian GOddesses, on me, boy!

But she was such a Queen!

And her arms, even though they’re fat NOW – at the age of 19 – slim and lisson, and those feet, oh, those lovely FEET OF Madam’s, those flip flops I SO WISHED I could worship publicly, that walk back from the college library, that giggle, that …

Oh my!

Jyoti in the US was what caused all this to start – well, I WROTE the first book on her.

And then of course, the Chinese Goddesses took over, hehe.

A certain Sophia …. (with lovely long black hair too!) (it curled over her face just like with Jyoti, probably what attracted me to her as well, but her eyes, of course, those lovely sexy probing dominant EYES! Those glasses! Oh my!)


I can hear her say it now. 

Call Jyoti now and tell her you want to kiss her feet – NOW!

Tell her about it, so she can LAUGH AT YOU! 

Anyway …

I remember her (Jyoti) calling me up one night after she got back clubbing, which she would never go with me.

I could see her in my mind’s eye, lying there in shorts.

That lovely black hair spread out, but those eyes, my oh my, that VISION, those eyes!

And I’d press her legs on instinct, reflex, and cause it was my job.

And she’d tell me, looking down at me.

“Pani La!” 

Bring me water, boy!

I’d press her legs .. 

“Pero pe daba” 

Rub the soles, boy!

And as she finally got comfortable, she’d say those words.

“Mike, I’ve been out dancing with other men. My feet hurt so much!” 

She would never drink with me, never dance with me, and Madam with other men … oh my!

And me serving her later.

Truly thats what it’s all about, and why I wrote about her again on PLM!


Mike Watson

PS – Grab the Indian Goddess series – you’ll literally ORGASM while reading it!!

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