How much are YOU willing to pay, BOY!

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How much are YOU willing to pay, BOY!

Spicy Erotic

And I dont mean ponying up on her boyfriends lovely satiny smooth shiny COCK EITHER!

The point is this.

Im already receiving a flood of responses (perhaps thats why my own flood erupted last night??) to my last email. That was about signing up to the Watson Faithful, and receiving EXCLUSIVE ONLY access to those two GOddeses I spoke about!

Perhaps more too.

But right now, THEY need to be pampered – more.

And as for money, rest assured I get nothing except giggles for doing this (from them). Hehe.

From you, I do get the Watson faithful membership, but if you dont even want to pony up for that, then we’ve all decided you’re NOT worth our time. (in that regard – but YES – you CAN still get our books and courses one on one, but no findom “live”, sorry).

Second,  no, simply signing up does NOT – I repeat – NOT guarantee I’ll introduce you to them!

Third, like I said before, you have to prove your eligibility first.

Kelly is currently eating ice cream in a mall, and doesnt want to be bothered unless it’s MEN sending her MONEY (like I just did, and paid for her foot massage too. PAYE LAGU MADAM! YOU’RE SO DAMN SUPERIOR!!) 

Us men should GROVEL for the Privelege, boy! 

And fourth, no free chats.

Send me PROOF – and believe me, I’m a good vetter AFTER you sign up that you CAN do what these ladies ask (a hefty bank account is one of the things I want to see – no access though for ME, but after I vet you – and introduce you – then it’s ENTIRELY between them and you!).

My job is simply to facilitate!

And vet.

So thats it, my friends.

Let me know!



PS – And no, and again, if you’re too cheap for even the membership, please don’t bother. Please do continue to get these free emails, and thats it though.

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