Spoodle of his oh-so manly CUM!

After writing that last post – well – thats what I want!

And I bet thats what you want too, hehe.

Spoodles isn’t a word I made up.

“Spirit” gave it to me!

And we were talking poodles and DOGS – and guard dogs!

And dogs slobbering all over their Masters!

And, dogs being lazy (like PUGS), hehe. Some breeds being guard dogs!

Well, I don’t know.

But what I want to say now is I’d gladly my Madam be a lazy “pug”.

And I’d gladly lick spoodles of cum out of her ass, and his ass!

Drippong down, splashing all over my face, that heavenly man juice!

I truly am a DOG!

And I want to be leashed, and humiliated like one.

So should you.

You’ve no idea!



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