Why YOU need to tell me the COLOR of Pooja Memsahib …JI’s POTI! Her SHIT!

BIG TIME – it matters big time – just like the big massive WELL FORMED SHAPELY TURDS this nigh Goddess produces out of her lovely PUCKERED asshole which “blushes” every time it “expels” the waste!

And makes a noise, and smell …

After all, I worship it.

It’s holy!

but the point of me saying this is not that it’s holy, the point of me saying this is that IT also thinks it’s holy, and therefore … HOW DARE waste come out of it!

And as if to compensate, I clean it – more than I clean my own face – and worship it more than my COCK has even ever been WORSHIPPED!

She is holy!

But anyway, where am I leading up to this.

You on this list know she makes me not just smell, look and worship her shit – but also remember her COLOR!

Color of her SHIT.

And WHAT is in it, because as you know, undigested … well, you that have read the book KNOWS IT!

But it’s a great and most humiliating indicator to the state of her STOMACH too!

Which is usually fine!

But anyway, I was punished yesterday for not telling her what she ate the day before – because I didnt look at her shit – carefully enough!

Today I did.

And it’s a special color today!

Obviously not blue, my favorite color.

Both sissy wise and spiritually, and it’s NOT a surprise then I am such a fan of Jiji’s BLUE fingernails!

But anyway, I know ancient kings used to poo while “holding court” and probably Queens and other royalty too.

And I KNOW that they never cleaned their own asses!

And right now, more than anything else I’d LOVE to build a BLUE throne for MAdam, and make it spotless for her daily, so her divine WASTE Could be WORSHIPPED like the HOLY OFFERING IT IS!

And if you, my friend can guess the color of her shit correctly – guess what.

20% coupon awaits.

So make haste – now!

And Paye Lagu, Pooja Memsahib JI! You truly do deserve it!



PS – More Indian femdom recollections HERE. THIS ONE isn’t a recollection tho!

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