Poti kyon nahi dekhi!

And so said Pooja Madam!


She hurt me today – well – physically, I mean.

So many slaps with those pink slippers of hers and KICKS to my bollocks that attracted me (both of those) to her in the first place that I’m mentally even more head over heels in sissy love and utter, absolute DEVOTION to this ROYAL REGAL QUEEN!

My crime?

Oddly enough, not what you may think.

I asked her what we had for lunch yesterday, so we (I) could cook something different for her.

But I shouldn’t have forgotten!


Beetroot, boy, was her answer before the smack.

Didnt you see my poo?? It was red in color!

Now, for readers of the book, you know I look at her poo daily!

I worship it – because it’s divine!

I’ve even put it on a plate in front of me. I have a shrine to her, and her POO!

But most of all, that turd emerging out of her asshole. Looking at it. WHAT JOY!

What devotion!

What supplication!


And I’ve mentioned how you can literally tell what she ate the day before by looking at her lovely, holy, POO.

And no, I won’t give you more details on that here – but rest assured, the best details are in the book – grab it now. 

I’m out!



PS – Pooja. It means “worship” in Hindi. How apt! Anyway, at the time of writing this I’ve promised Madam (with Sore balls!) that I’ll be paying even more attention to her turds tomorrow!

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