Where the ‘sun don’t shine’ …

Often times, and many times we focus on EXTERNAL things.

And something which I’ve been ranting against when it comes to women who are all Goddesses – their looks, attire, figure, body shape etc.

These things, my friend, are NOT important.

It’s her mind that counts!

I couldn’t sleep most of last night looking at Madam Sophie, possibly the most perfect ever without being so!

MY GOD- DESS! The spell this lady has woven over me and her OLDER MOTHER – especially the MOTHER!

I just want to drop down and press the mother’s legs …!

Her hands. Their hands. So erotic!

Anyway, point being, external isn’t important. It’s the VIBE that you get off the person.

And the vibe I get off them?



Both in equal order, and the innate knowledge, as Ms. Priyanka had and Garima Madam did, and Madam Aa Ling did (despite being a sex worker) … that men belong not just at their feet, but UNDER.

And under their asses.

It’s interesting.

If you’re nude, your dick swings.

Or her private parts show.

But the asshole, my friend, is truly one of those LEAST explored CAVES!

And it’s a cave full of pleasures that even the most reluctant of sissies would be hard pressed to ignore

(pun intended).

And it can give you bliss like NEVER before.

IF DONE RIGHT, and most people don’t!

I saw an ad recently about “mens massage cream”, and “you can stick it where the sun don’t shine!”

Well, I “stick it”, but for me it is my tongue.

I stick it in my dominant WOMAN’s ASS all the time, and her alpha stud’s, and both have a different taste!

He sticks his lovely cock in HERS and enjoys the tightness, and I often tongue fuck his ass as he has fun with “my”woman.


And to learn how to be a good sissy in this regard, and enjoy pleasure like even REAL MEN can NEVER enjoy, go HERE.


Mike Watson

PS – Madam Su, her of Sophia Bai, was one of the BEST cuckoldresses ever. Be sure to read about her!

PS #2 – When I hear sticky moistness – guess what comes to mind! ;0

PPS – I admit it. I jerked off yesterday after a long time … but, it was a RUINED orgasm! And I was hard almost INSTANTLY after. No amount of Viagara can do this, bro. Get on the shctick NOW! I couldn’t sleep all night with the hard on I had, and I didn’t even use the techniques in the book, and my balls are BOILING with lust for Madam, and her PERFECT OLDER, WRINKLED, GODDESS LIKE, WORSHIP WORTHY MOTHER right now! What QUEENS, GODDESSES!

(And even you vanilla SO CALLED straight guys (we know you dream of COCK, hehe) – – you’d be well “served” by staying hard for her linger, and you know it! It’s about satisfying her in bed, especially if you’re a real man. ARE you? ;)) Be honest!))

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