How you, my friend, can know how Chinese women THINK so you can connect to them on AUTO pilot …

At the outset?

Hell yes, I’m going to promote my course on it.

If thats unpalatable, much like the email on Pooja Memsahib’s SHIT I sent yesterday, do unsubscribe – now!

But as Goddess Sophie and her lovely, OLDER MOTHER add me on WeChat after so many years, I’m struck by coincidences, which aren’t that at all.

I was thinking of her – well I did the past month or so I believe.

I was trying to find her pictue, but couldn’t.

I had MINE with her. I met her while working out!

And then we lost touch.

Today she added me, and I was effusive in my praise for her.

She’s such a Goddess!

And she added me for business, sure. As she should.

Her MONEY is the most important, and if I can make it for her, so much the better!

And her MOTHER is so dominant too!

Their HANDS are so strong, so sexy, and so PRETTY – without being pretty.

Tough, rough and callused, and I just requested Madam.

“Madam, your hands are SO beautiful, so strong, but please don’t slap me too hard!”

They’re eating dinner now.

I’d stand behind them and be ordered by them anyday, and as for when I actually did do this with Aa Ling?

She made me worship her MOTHER, over SIXTYm MORE THAN her!

And so she should!

And as I licked the STICKY CRUD of the old lady’s asshole, I’m reminded of this again.

She’s always right, boy!

And to attract on auto pilot you have to think right, and no, just “thinking” wont do it, and in case YOU want to attract this sort of dominance YEARS LATER To you, well, say a prayer to these Chinese Goddesses my friend first off.

They deserve it. They’re such QUEENS!


And second, get the course – NOW.

‘tis that simple, Jack.


Mike Watson

PS – I’ll keep you posted on how it goes with Sophie, but she’s giggling at me now. Hehe. She’s such a QUEEN! I hope her Mother will SMACK me one … someday!!

(I’m sure you do too, but attraction isn’t about what you’re thinking right about now. Likes and dislikes have NOTHING to do with it. So you can either continue to be a CHEAPASS – or yo ucan do the smart thing, and invest NOW. Up to you, bro!)

You know what Sophie said? 

You know how all CHinese women think, boy! 


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