How are you dong?

A certain “Dani” just asked me how things were going, hehe.

I called her perfect, as you know. Because … well, it’s true, and SHE IS!

(and therein lies ONE key to attracting not just the Domina of your dreams, but any woman, and no, it aint saying “you’re perfect”. I realize this will fly over most peoples heads, but thats why the COURSE is there – grab it NOW, and start IMPLEMENTING. Be a doer, not a “do nothing!”)

Anyway, her response?

Thank you thank you, but I am far away from perfection lol. Still, thank you.

How is everything going btw?

Well, it is a fair question indeed. Been a while since we last chatted.

The more you say “far from perfection”, the more I feel you’re perfect, Princess . . . ?

I’m dong (doing, hehe, though I love DONGS, and maybe thats why “doing” “came out” that way, hehe) fine. Hope you are too, other than the computer issue …


Mike Watson


The Universe does listen to us, eh.

But it’s funny.

“How is your dong” (dicklet, actually) is a question most cucks shoul dbe asked.

I often was!

“It’s locked up, Madam! Shriveled and locked up!”

And a lot of so called real men as well.

If you’re alpha on the outside, and a DUD in the bedroom, and can’t last, and lets face it, a lot can’t, well, your dong DESERVES to be laughed at and poked fun at, hehe. 

Women want studs not in the GYM, but in the bedroom!

You might as well learn your NEW and REAL ROLE in life, which is to suck REAL REAL men’s dongs, hehe.

Get them hard – for HER – so she can have the time of her life, all night long. Hehe.

But don’t worry, cucks. 

And sissies. 

And faggots out there. 

There’ll be plenty of sloppy seconds for you to mop up – slurp up. Hehe.

And I know that turns you on. Hehe.

So be a real man … or, SISSY for once in your sissy life, my friend – and become the sissy you’ve ALWAYS wanted to be.

THIS course will teach you how!

(I should say, be a MAN for once in your life, and do what you were meant to, hehe. Thats being a SISSY! Else, you woujldn’t be on this list. Fact, JACK! Jill does own you, heh)

Sissy Kisses for YOU!

Mike Watson

PS – Remember, the thing about attracting femdom to you in all its shapes, forms and guises …

PS #2 – I was going to ask MAdam how her lover’s dong is, hehe. But I didnt. Haven’t until now at least!

But those of you that have been weaned on porn, learn how to worship cock properly right here.

(And I know. You’re straight. You dont want to see cocks. But let’s face it, those dangling dongs do turn you on! Secretly, we ALL know what you wish for!) 

You pervert, heh. We KNOW!

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