Maybe my face can press her feet!

And thats the thought I had now – and often have – when looking at perfect Madam Susan!

She is just so perfect, trust me!

An older lady.

NOT considered “typically attractive”.

But SO DOMINANT without trying to be because she IS!

The eyes say itALL.

The vibe.

She’s married.

I’d drop down and kiss her feet ANYTIME!

Yes, in even in the “center” she owns and where she works. Hehe.

Every time I see her, I feel an outpouring of sheer emotion!

It’s like a poem,my slavery to HER (sometimes in my own mind) that I wrote about in Madam Carrie.

She is such a Goddess!

And the greatest honor other than LEARNING from her in THAT PROFOUND POSE #1 (raised forefinger as she LOOKS DIRECTLY at you, RAISED EYEBROW, like a GURU, BOY!) … is?

For her to put her sweaty hot feet, stockings or not on my face.

And I press them with my FACE and her calves with my hands!

And to end this ode off, I gotta say this.

SHE is the reason I wrote 15 odes to Madam Susan, and judging by the number of people who loved it (a coupla ladies that bought it wrote back “giggling”) – well – I might do up another one.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib, you’re the best!


Mike Watson

PS – The above did kinda sound like a non rhyming poem didn’t it?

But for more, pick up the Madam Carrie compilation!

PS #2 – “I’m so weird! I like female’s foot!

Yes, and I loved Madam VENUS’s!!!

But anyway for more PROFOUND poses, you ask? Poses that turn you on even when you’re NOT TURNED ON in the least? Well, go HERE. Trust me, you’ll never need any help “getting it up” again, hehe. 

(Yes, for you Watson faithful that love femdom in your physical library too – PAPERBACKS AVAILABLE – YOO HOO!)

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