The secret to having ANY WOMAN you want . . .

Or you could switch genders around and apply SOME of this to men, but really, it’s more applicable to women (i.e. MEN that want to find women, either BDSM wise or “vanilla”).

And PERFECT Madam Daniela just sent in this sizzling review for the book

“Why would you love this book? Easy! 

Why am I saying this when I am not into BSDM relationships or have no experience with them? Again, easy, because I am a woman too.

It not only gives you the secret to understanding (and having) the perfect dominant lady of your dream, it also gives you the secret to having any woman you want.

The secret? WE WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS.  When you (man) can understand that simple phrase, you will have the girl of your dreams (and, of course, if you are not an asshole).

If you want to know more … of course, read the book.

BTW, have you heard about the  “sheng nv” phenomenon? No? Well, look it up too.” 

Thank you, Madam!

And the first thoughts that came to my mind when I saw this review?

1. Madam, you’re SO NICE!

Because she is!

2. Madam, you have a fantastic memory!

Because she does! A while ago, she said “if I forget you can remind me”, and I said she probably wouldn’t forget.

She said she “might forget”.

She said she “writes things down sometimes so she doesn’t forget”.

But she didn’t! I was the one that forgot, actually, to follow up with Madam, and shes such a Goddess, such a Queen, you can tell by the way she WRITES! For the review!

3. She’s right. Women aren’t objects, boy!

(Hence my response to Thomas who was on the list “just to be introduced to women” and wouldn’t pay me otherwise. He wouldn’t buy a product, book, anything, and wouldn’t read about anything other than what he “wanted”).

Not how it works, partner.

And 4?

Right about now, I wish I was doing exactly the same thing for Madam as I did so often for my Ms!

In “Serving the Indian Goddess”, I believe I write about it.

“An” Indian Goddess.

But “The” should suffice too!

I’d warm water for Madam.

I’d wash her feet. She could put one foot up on my shoulder while I did the other.

And I’d repeat with the other leg and continue pressing until the water got cold.

More warm water, BOY!

And while the White Tiger, recently released Bollywood flick may have made this “popular” truth was this sort of thing has been going on and still DOES in the subcontinent for ages.

Paye Lagu, Madam Dani. Thanks for the review – and again – you’re so PERFECT!


Mike Watson

PS – And final takeaway from all this? As Dani says, the book will work for YOU even if you’re NOT in a femdom relationship and have no desire to be in one (although I don’t see why not!). Grab it NOW.

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