“Me no worry, me no care, me go marry MILLION-UH-AIRE”

If he die, me no cry. Me go marry … another guy!


(And yes, I believe “sage” can be used in a female sense too. If not, let me know the right word!)

But anyway, we’ve all heard it.

Cute little “Asian” girl saying it …

And while she could have and probably WAS mainland Chinese, I’m not sure, it’s such a turn on!

That look in the eye.

That cuteness!

And that “cunning” look to her.


And Princess Joanie had this look!

Still does.

So does Madam Ash-lee, a lady I have been chatting with over the past year, and another one of those DROP DEAD, OLDER Chinese ladies that if she told me to, I’d prostrate myself in public in front of her right now, and lick her boots!

Beg her to ALLOW me to do her laundry.

BEG her to smash my balls in!

BEG her to let me press her feet. Wash her ass. Kiss it. Worship it!

All while those lovely knowing EYES look at me!


And it’s not so much about women using men for MONEY.

Madam Pearl did this to me, and she’s using another man now, hehe. Most likely … and I love her for it!

And the redoubtable Princess Sherry I’ve written so much about.

She no doubt remembers me!

And I’d beg her to cheat me too, hehe.

I love it!

Men do it all the time too, right?

If this woman doesn’t work out, we’ll find another!

Well, why not ladies?

And it’s the “me no care” – coupled with causal and KNOWING confidence that does it.

She’s the BOSS – – always so – – BOY!

And don’t you ever fuckin’ forget it, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the Sin City compilation right here – truly a case of women putting me IN MY PLACE! And I THANK THEM FOR IT!

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