That narrow SHAFT, and how that precious shaft opens either way …

I wrote about the third eye yesterday.

And today’s post? Narrow shafts, hehe.

Post, email, whatever you call it. Most if not all my daily emails are also auto posted to the blog so if you don’t get an email, check the blog.

(Many of my customers, curiously enough do just that) …

Anyway, I remember a friend of mine asking me the following about anal sex (real man sex!) in … well, when I was in 12th grade.

I’d mention the year, but it would date me, but it isn’t about age, and dates aren’t either and … ah. I’ll stop! Hehe.

But anyway, he had this to say.

“Wo Peeche ka itna chota hota hai”.

“Kaise ghusega?”

You on this list know very well that a lot of my childhood was spent in the subcontinent. HE was speaking Hindi, a language yours truly still isn’t entirely “comfortable” with despite the lovely initiation the even lovelier Priyanka JI gave me …

But anyway, he was saying that the “hole is so tight and small back there, how would you put your dick in there?”

Many years later … ah. But again. Wait!

You on this list remember the lovely Ashley, don’t you?

Who took her clothes off, and my sissy self didn’t do anything (except cum very copiously to an even briefer nipple suck. What a GODDESS!)

Who got on top of me expecting cowgirl, and found a limp dick as opposed to aRAGING hard on (the above situation).

Who pulled her feet away when I woke up at night, auto pressing them on auto pilot. Her soles were so nice!

Who didn’t want to clean the bathroom, an even after she did, she left hair behind.

“You do it, boy!”

She’s so RIGHT! More than sh eknows!

Who had a kung fu Master husband whose cock and balls I’d likely have licked too if it got to that. With Su it did (Jerome). With her, it did not. Sad, but true!

I haven’t really sucked many Asian cocks, of course, but they seem pretty sexy the ones I’ve seen!

Of course, cock is COCK and …

But anyway, I was reading some news about miners being trapped somewhere in Northern China, and it brought to mind the movie “33” I once watched with Ashley.

She was so nice! I didn’t even kiss her, hehe.

As she said later.

“You do nothing in hall!”

And later.

“I take my clothes off, but you do nothing!”

Anyway, it had lots of scenes of people crawling through narrow shafts. Obviously. And the news TODAY as I read it has the same thing …

… and it brings to mind, well, that lovely narrow shaft of HERS!

And mine. Hehe.

Not my narrow (not really, hehe) COCKLET

My sissy bung hole!

My sissy HOLE!

I was actually scared when I first got into sissygasms, my friend.

Not so much because of the taboo most men have over it.

But because …well, what if I hurt myself?

Believe me, lots of men have this fear.

But done right – you need NOT have it.

But remember, I learned all this myself!

And most of the literature out there is just flat out WRONG or doesn’t work, or even worse, can INJURE you if you “listen to it”.

Anyway, done right, that narrow shaft can and WILL bring you the PLEASURE of your life – not to me ntion a great ABS workout if done right too, hehe.

For you!

And him too, if thats your thang.

Or her too, if she’s using a dildo.

We’ll leave the workout part out, but as your insides churn with sheer and utter pleasure, you will KNOW what I BE Talking about!

But remember, you gotta do it right.

And thats why I put out my premier, and one and only course on sissygasms right here – Sissygasm Central.

For you budding cucks and sissies, this is for YOU.

IF you’re “scared to go back there” this is for YOU.

Even you real men will love it, if just to KNOW how to do it safely … (not tom ention you ladies!).

And that, my friend is that for now.

Pick up the course NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – Do “Lotharios” make good subs? I’d say yes! Be on the outlook for a post on that shortly too, hehe.

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