Isn’t it just simpler to SUBMIT – to HER – a dominant lady? And live under her SOLES, to serve her?

So nice, just like perfect Madam Susan!

Or Daniela …

Or Madam Pooja Memsahib … JI!

Or women in general!

Isn’t it just easier – sexier (far more so than the normal way) to hand over control – lock, STOCK and BARREL to a WOMAN?

A dominant and SUPERIOR woman that takes control not only of your life – but your WALLET – and your dick too!

And locks you up like the cuck you are ..

… but perhaps MOST pertinently, and for me?

She MAKES – all the decisions!

THAT is something often overlooked in all the many why’s on femdom, my friend.

Why would a man like to be debased? Humiliated? Called mean names and so forth? 

(as an ex once wondered).

(yes, that ex!)

Well all of the above, but especially the last.

Is there a reason outwardly alpha macho males like yours truly who NO-ONE would ever guess is into femdom is?

Or, those that lead in the boardroom submit in the bedroom?

Letting go – is LIBERATING.

Decisions, and the power to make them comes with a lot of responsibility, my friend.

And not having to take them, and letting a woman do it?

Is awesome!

Most of the time, hehe.

If only my only job was to cook pizza for Madam Susan, for one, press her head, feet, shoulders – have dinner waiting for MAdam when she got home – polish her shoes – wash her floor – clean the house – clothes … and well, you get the point!

LIFE – in itself would be up to HER

And all the decisions that yours truly makes?

Madam would make ’em hehe.

And as yours truly deals with yet another Winblows crash, I had to say it, hehe.

I was going to tell Madam Dani that.

But she’s busy translating, and I dont want my chatter and “backchat” (nah, not really, hehe) disturbing the lovely yet so gracious Senorita.

So Ill “let” her work.

But I did tell I dont want my chatter disturbing her, hehe.

ANyway, she’s already translated the book on ruined orgasms.

Did a damn fine job, even if I say so. And how could I, or would I, or dare I say otherwise, hehe.


Really. She’s great! Uber professional, and equally lovely, although I ain’t seen her in person ever!

And she’s currently translating the jewel in my femdom crown – or cuck crown, depending upon how you look at it – A Complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland.

As the URL goes, for TRUE male subs only.

And it’s a book that made waves when it first came out – is STILL – by far – the ONLY one of it’s kind out there – and it gets solid RESULTS as well, my friend.

Try it out NOW.

In fact, DO it now I should say – and “have the power”, hehe.

The power of submitting. 

What an honor! 

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some tales on Indian femdom right HERE.

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