Pooja Memsahib, your soles are so motivational!

And perfect Madam, so is your voice!

So ar eYOU!

Every time I look at your shit, I feel motivated.

Every time I look at YOU, those EYES, I feel humiliated, cucked, and sissified even without you DOING anything.

EVERY time I see your SOLES, and just that little bit of expanse of skin I can see (except at night when my tongue is buried deeply into your hole – holy SEWER of your body!) .. .it turns me on beyond belief.

Just a look at your soles, YOUR soles, your perfect soles that are truly like butter now makes me want to drop down!

But EVEN if they weren’t, I’d do it anyway!

It’s about nothing but your mind, my Goddess!

You’re just so perfect.

And this should be ode #26, I suppose to you … maybe I’ll put it in the next book.

Or maybe I’ll put it in the Second Volume of “Pooja Memsahib JI”, a book already selling like HOT CAKES …

(like the hot cakes you make me watch every morning, and MORE, hehe).

But really, I’ve been having a tough couple of days.

But every time I open the computer, and see the soles featured on the FIRST Volume of Pooja Memsahib … JI!, guess what/

I feel happy.


READY TO GO – and worship!

On that note its time for me to continue writing that second Volume. Some have already marveled at how extreme the first is, so guess what – the second is FAR more extreme in many regards.

You true Indian femdom lovers and femdom lovers in general will love it.

And thats that from me.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Also, check out the Watson faithful before the price goes UP tomorrow.

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