Malkin ji, Charan lagu!

Pooja Memsahib … JI! – Volume #1 is LIVE and kicking!

Just went live on Amazon too for that matter.

And while I’ve been announcing that forever, and indeed, I’ve got more emails coming on it, I just saw her feet again!

I wrote about the feet starting to talk to you as you worship them all night, didnt I?

Well, it’s coming in an upcoming email!

The feet story, I mean. Hehe. Nothing else, don’t worry!

But as I saw those feet, thos esoles….


Pooja Memsahib ji … CHARAN LAGU!

Madam ji, PAYE LAGU!

And I just want to worship those feet, press those feet, kiss those feet , those soles. …

Madam Ji, charan di jiye na! Apke charan dabane hai!

(Madam, please give me your feet, let me press them!)

As if she wouldn’t. But she’d make it hard, of course!

Pehle peeche chat! Chal!

Lick me behind first, boy! Go on!

And its only after licking her ass that I get her soles to press and worship all night, much like it’s only after licking HIS asshole that I get to suck his DICK! Or kiss it, or smooch the balls

And drink his cum!

His manly, sexy cum, sometimes straight out of Memsahib’s ass, the asshole puckered, and “spitting out cum!”

And spitting out plenty of other things too.

Be warned – and be ready to be “sexed away” – this book is the most extreme book on Indian femdom I’ve written, and I’m just getting started, and Pooja Memsahib deserves every bit of the extreme stuff (being on the right end of it!) of course!

And come to think of it, I think I better go work a bit on the Second volume as the hours tick by. 1:00 AM here at the time of writing this.

And much like those long lonely hours at night tick by with her snores and Madams soles for company … I hope those soles will come to me in my dream tonight.

Huge, broad, bare and commanding, much like her soles on the COVER of Volume 1!

I wish I could put her asshole on it too.

Maybe I will – stay tuned, hehe.

But for now, I’m out. I’ll see you around. Be sure and pick up the first Volume right here – you’ll dream about worshipping Madam all night long after that!


Mike Watson

PS – Also, be sure to pick up the ONE definitive course out there (people are RAVING about the results they get from this!) in terms of attracting true femdom to you (proof in the PUDDING! Sometimes out of her ass, hehe, ok, I’ll stop..) right HERE.

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