Talk to her (and his!) asshole … BOY!

I’ve made no secret of how Madam Susan, perfect Madam Susan, so royal, imperious and UBER DOMINANT – made me talk more to her feet (soles, actually) than HER!

Get to know my feet better than your own face, boy!

Talk to my FEET – not me!

And as I massaged or as Madam said “pressed” her lovely feet over and over again, often times for entire nights as she slept comfortably, I discovered that what I already knew, and what she told me, was right!

And true!

As I kept pressing her feet after being shod in different kinds of footwear the feet started TALKING to me.

The soles, especially!

And sometimes the soles would be red and tired.

Sometimes the arches would scream out “we’ve been in heels all day, boy! Massage us!”

And I’d talk to them by pressing them and serving them!

Pooja Memsahib Ji was another lady I did this so often for!

It’s a pity though I haven’t come out with a book dedicated to both of these two lovely ladies. But fear not. THREE (or two, actually as of now) are at varying stage of getting done.

One is a book on …well, Goddess Pooja herself! She deserves it, and it’s about 40% or so done.

And the other is Princess Sophia!

That one is about 30% done as of now, maybe a bit more …

And I hope to have both of these done and out by the WEEK. If not earlier.

But anyway, talking to their asshole!

And nothing and no-one taught me this better than the older and oh so dominant Pooja!

“Khol ke chat!” (open and lick, boy!) (and she wasn’t talking her legs!) she’d often command while on her stomach after a hard day and more than a few drinks!

And I’d part those voloptous AGED ass cheeks.

I’d sniff the sweat between them.

And I’d gently kiss the area around the asshole, inhale the noxious fumes off her ass crack …and she loved every bit of it.

There have been times I’ve spent hours kissing nothign but her BUTT – straight off the toilet!

And toilet worship is something that features heavily in the book I’m dedicating to Pooja, as it did with Ms Priyanka, so you toilet afficiandos, be on the outlook for it!

But anyway …

Pooja’s asshole, that lovely dark colored CANAL through which the waste of her body passed, and through which my tongue often passed so oftenw ould wink at me!

“I’m sweaty, boy!”

“Lick me well boy! Lube me up, BOY!”

“That feels good, boy! Probe that tongue DEEPER!”

I mean, I’d literally feel like her “third eye” was winking at me, and it was a pair of lovely tight lips I was smooching, especially when one of her lovers mounted her doggy style, and I’d see his dark manly asshole, perennial area, and studly balls hanging low as they went at it…

Till date, I’ve performed tasks for Pooja that no-one would think even the closest SLAVE, not servant would do – – on a daily basis.

But I’ve never kissed her on the lips.

I’ve kissed her on her asshole though. So many times I can’t remember!

And for men too, I’d often passionately worship Master Jerome’s asshole, as it too would talk to me!

And with both of these assholes, and others, I’d always have this thought.

Their perfect SHIT passes through here!

It’s the lowest part of their body which gives them so much mental and physical pleasure to have worshipped!

And much like soles, I better thank that asshole for the privelege of being allowed to lick to it, and get to it!

And that thought drives me – and drove me – insane with lust!

Sissy life is so much fun!


Mike Watson

PS – For those of you that likes LURID and GRAPHIC tales of man on man worship with a devious dominant LADY involved, check out Cuckold Compilations.

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