Those lovely BLUE strappy sandals!

That perfect Madam’s feet slip into!

And it brings to mind perfect Madam Jiji with those lovely fingers painted BLUE, andt hat look in the eye. I wrote an entire email on her!

Last night before lopping off to sleep I was thinking of another perfect lady Josie – who I’ve written about too!

Pressing her feet, while she drinks and smokes.

“Madam, my job is to serve you! Do the housework, press your feet, while you chat with your lovely boyfriend”

(Notice the use of the word “lovely”, sissies!)

And she giggled. She looked at me in that quietly confident manner! Oh boy!

She’s gorgeous. Big legs, big feet, and anyway ..

So last night, a guy “kidnapped” my SO. Big strapping dude, and laughing with that sneer Master Jerome often used but this dude was white.

And he lifted weights.

Oddly enough, My SO showed up again in the next installment of the dream, but the guy was trying to menace me with his size. He was one of those big weightlifters …

Now, yours truly does NOT lift weights, and for those on this list, you guys know I have a fitness biz … owned by the lovely Miss V, of course, while I do the writing and work.

Again, of course! Hehe.

And the story is there in the book

Of course! 😉 Why else would we have a book you ask.

And you’d be right.

But anyway, so I was drinking beer with him wondering “what my SO would think”. But it’s funny. It’s the third night in a row I’ve had these dream of drinking cold beer, and last night my right eye was twitching, and … good things BE ON THE WAY!

And I went to the gym. Something I never do. Picked out the bigget weights.

Which funnily enough were blue in color, and shaped suspiciously like ladies shoes, straps and all, right down to the narrow foot, and I remember thinking as I lifted them easily “are these even weights!”

Anyway, blue.

In a certain section of that dream the BLUE sea appeared, churning away “at the bottom”. And at the top, mini menacing currents swirled. Not so much a tsunami as “square waves” …

… Blue, blue, blue!

When I was young, we had a pair of pink dumbbells at home. Utterly useless, unless youre perfect Madam Jassy showing those shoulders off, lifting them and getting them pressed after each rep!

But I lifted them, being neither I nor anyone had any knowledge of real training. If I had known what I do now – oh boy!

And blue. Again!

This year has been crazy.

I wouldn’t blame a lot of you for thinking “let this year be over with right now”.

But anyway … it’s Christmas Eve for many of you right now. For many of you, it’s almost Christmas….

So whereever you are – a very merry Christmas to you, Madam and Sir! And all of you, hehe.

Best wishes (I dont celebrate festivals, but do enjoy the holidays – -I’m not religious, but have no problem with those who follow it!) to ALL OFYOU – and here’s a very happy, prosperous, COVID free, and FEMALE DOMINATED – New year!


Mike Watson

PS – I dreamt of Madam Su on Whatsapp last night asking me “hows the sex these days”. Well, lots of cocks for one, Madam! Cocks and feet, cocks and feet. Feet and cocks, feet … andCOCK! And you know that, Goddess! 😉

PS #2 – Make Christmas sexier with a touch of femdom done the right way. Chinese ladies do it the best! Pick up some of our books on femdom right HERE.

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