Big news for the Watson Faithful!!

Paye Lagu … Madam … JI!

And since we’re about to ring in the new year, I figured this would be a good time to bring this up.

Blink and you’ll miss it, but on this site here we have a link termed the “Watson Faithful” which a lot of people know about, but only a precious few have signe dup.

Being that I’d rather cater to TRUE AND SERIOUS femdom lovers – and being that sort of a person is clearly in a minority, I do NOT market this as much as I should be.

In fact, I don’t even recall bringing it up in any recent emails, but it’s very much there, and people very much DO use it.

And I dont’ blame ‘em!

Amongst other things which includes priority email responses from me for one, the BEST part is you get to download ALL products on the site for GRATIS (this includes future products too) – – so long as that yearly membership stays active.

Not to mention that we also have a strong and ACTIVE little femdom community within there that the “general public” is NOT allowed access to.

For the same reason mentioned above.

And perhaps the two “lookie lous” that I recently encountered not personally, but on Amazon crystallized this decision to what it is now …

I find nothing more annoying that lookie lou’s and serial refunders for one, and without further ado, here is what will happen – starting Jan 1, the price (currently priced at a very low pittance of $1297/year I believe) will go UP to $1599/year.

And given the VALUE you get, and the sheer KNOWLEDGE I have on a subject that even the pros have very little REAL WORLD knowledge of, that is a pittance and then some.

Under promise and over deliver has been my manta all throughout for ALL my businesses.

And you on this list that signed up for ONE email per day and get several throughout KNOW what I mean, hehe.

Basic tenet of free lifetime access (so long as your membership stays valid) remains the same.

And as a bonus, if you renew your membership before the new year, or sign up now then I’ll make sure you’re grandfathered in for another year at the same price.

My way of saying THANK YOU for signing up, so to speak.

We should also have a new and improved means of download in the New Year (for the Watson faithful) – – stay – – TUNED!

On other fronts, I’m almost off Amazon – – but something made me pause (in terms of pulling the trigger). We’ll see how it goes, though, but I dont forsee myself dealing with their nonsense for much longer.

And importantly, on the new site – – we will have a SUBSET of the Watson Faithful that you CAN sign up for seperately – and you’ll have access to everything Indian femdom related on that subscription.

I haven’t figured out the cost for that one as yet, but I believe it will be $888/year, but I’llkeep you posted!

(And right now, I dont even have that active, so it’s a good reason to sign up for the Watson faithful the way it is NOW). Hehe.

I’ll post more details on that ont his – and the other site.

Ok, my friend. Thats the heads up for now.


Yours always in femdom, and best,

mike Watson

PS – And those of you that want my books on a per book basis? Or products? Or manuals? Well, you can continue to get them that way – no problemo, amigo!

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