My underwear just fell on the floor, boy!

As we were eating, her underwear chose that very moment to fall from a rickety clothes hanger to the floor.

We need to replace the clothes hanger.

Being yours truly does the laundry and drying though, my “SO” could care less.

Or perhaps WIFE, if I might say that.

Unless you call me the wife, and her the husband with a twist, hehe.

IT’s always HIS way!

Nah. And it’s not!

But anyway, jokes apart, I did sniff the ass end of that underwear, freshly laundered though it was.

I still remember Carols’ feet, and how they smelt of LEATHER even after a long shower!

Her soles, that is.

And it was NOXIOUS, and yet lovely …

But it’s funny.

I’ve written so much about humiliation and many inventive techniques most wouldn’t think of in a lifetime, let alone a few hours “in the flow” (and of course experience etc).

But underwear humiliation, other than what Ms. Priyanka did towards the end of Serving an Indian Goddess, and what Krystal did in the Sequel to “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant – she was anything BUT!” … I haven’t really written tomes about it.

How dare her underwear fall to the floor though, boy.


And I lifted it up before that happened, but really.

How dare her perfect feet touch the floor, hehe.

Or her lovely ass touch an unclean commode seat!

And of course, you toilet fetishists will have a field day when you read the Sequels to serving an Indian Goddess. LOTS of toilet worship, and HER worship there!

It was SO lovely even writing that!

(as Madam Susan calls me lovely, so do I love the word lovely. Has a nice female touch to it, hehe)

I haven’t “toilet worshipped” Madam Susan as yet, tho.

But really.

The smell of his crusty ass on his underwear!

The asshole too! His lovely ROSEBUD! HERS TOO! 

OR the smell of pre-cum mixed in with SWEAT!

Or, cloth.

The musk of his balls, left on his underwear …

HER ass … and HER sweet spot on there … HER juices …

Ms. Priyanka once made me worship socks in a manner VERY FEW people ever have.

I almost puked.

But it was a great education, and I thank her for it!

And I just wish she had included rancid underwear in there as well, hehe.

Maybe in the future!

For now, besure and grab the books bove – you’l llove ‘em.

And I’ll be back SOON. Hehe.


Mike Watson

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