The TWO ladies that SO expertly cucked, sissified and … FINDOMMED me from the word GO!

Submissive Musings in Mainland China is what comes to mind (in terms of my products) when it comes to findom.

And the lovely and gorgeous Madam Pearl, but curiously enough, even SHE didnt throw me for such a loop as TWO ladies did.

Well, she did, but it was different! 😉

THREE ladies, I should say.

Perfect Princess Sherry was one, her of the NON consensual (but was it really?? ;)) findom … and LOOTING me … and me begging for MORE!

“I have nothing to talk to you, boy!”

“Madam Paye Lagu, you’re right! I should have BEGGED to give you more money!”

And on that note then next book will be on MISSED femdom opportunities – watch out!

But really, Princess Sherry stars inthe second Volume of Submissive Musings.

And It was Princess Joanie that REALLY, really did it for me … and of course, her exact opposite in terms of AGE – perfect Madam SUSAN … ji!

If I were to compare the two?

Joanie was a lovely young DOMINANT force of nature that THREW me for a loop with that selfie late that night on Wechat!

That story is mentioned in Princess Joanie, and what transpired later and in between … well, let me just say Princess Joanie is the reason Cuck Central and HUMILIATION Central came! (pun intended, or maybe not, hehe. I actually DID leak a lot while writing ‘em, as I do while writing all of this!)

But ravishing Goddess and perfect MADAM Susan?

She’s an Empress actually!

Cody was that too.

But Susan is even better!

I know, I know. How can I compare.

How dare you, boy! Whack!

But Madam, that VIBE! Those lovely SOLES that have a VOICE of their own, and most of all your mind!

I didnt even see Susan’s picture before she threw me for a loop.

The other day she said the following.

“My picture cheats you” she giggled, after sayin g”You’re so lovely” (in response to my long tome about how I wish I was pressing her feet all night – I mean ALL NIGHT – as she slept like a Queen!).

And cooking for her upon waking up (her waking up!).

But really.

Madam, it was never your picture that did it.

And you know it.

You deserve it!

And what I told you all those years ago in 2017 stands out (pun intended!).

“Madam, you’re truly my superior. We’re friends, and equals, but YOU are the boss in our relationship, and YOU always have more benefit!”

And it’s true.

Shes such a Goddess, and its a pity that other the Madam Carrie series, I haven’t devoted something to her alone.

Well, worry not – I have NOW.

HERE you go!

15 Odes to PERFECT Madam Susan … JI!

Because she’s just so perfect!


Mike watson

PS – I never tire of saying it either! 😉

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