Why sissies love panties!

It’s interesting!

I was doing the laundry.

Getting in clothes that were dried outside, Asian style on a clothesline!

Yours truly does a lot of things Asian style, including squat Asian style which curiously enough is a fitness trick I picked up from none other than the gorgeous, regal, imperious and nigh commanding Madam Priyanka … JI!

Garima Madam JI often made me do it too, and so have many of the Chinese ladie I’ve been fortunate enough to serve!

It’s a position that most from the West couldn’t begin to get into.

It’s a position that lends itself very well to servility, being kicked – those balls realy dangle in that position!

And utter “helplessness” if you look at it that way.

And SUPER lower body fitness and muscle control if you view it like that!

Anyway, Paye Lagu, and thank you, Ms. Priyanka! You were so nice! So gorgeous. So commanding with me, and sexy with REAL MEN! 😉

And on that note.

(I still remember her talking to me at night about dancing with other men, but not yours truly, hehe. What a tease! I loved it!)

Anyway, it’s a real story, and you’ll love the Indian Goddess series, and all my books if you’re into real stuff.

(but the dancing with other men – well – I’ve put it here, but not int he book as yet. Little bitty tidbit for you on this list! ;))

But point being?

Well, point is this – that panties are a true turn on for anyone that’s a sissy, and why?

They squish the man bits – especially tight ones like perfect Madam Krystal made me wear!

Shopping for them is such a girly experience, and so emasculating, degrading and humiliating when you’re “arm in arm” with Madam Krystal like a GIRL would, and the salesgirl giggles at you, looking you up and down!

And such a feeling of feeling CLOSE TO HER in a way only sissies can!

Sissies truly are one of the best things for a woman to have friend wise (and of course when their studs just “need a blowjob and nothing else!”

Sissies worship cock and want nothign but MORE for it, hehe.

And wearing panties – and a butt plug – I dont know – enhances the femininity of all this so much !!

Back to laundry, I was putting Madam’s panties in along with mine!

She has two cupboards dedicatd to her.

Yours truly has a few shelves aka Madam Krystal!

And as I put the panties in with my clothes, I took them out, and reverently kissed them, as I was reminded of that gorgeous white dress I saw Krystal in THAT day.

That one fine afternoon.

Oh boy.

Little did I know!


Mike Watson

PS – Life just happens – let it!

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