Do sisses actually wash their mouths after receipt of …

Well, a gigantic DICK for one!

Rammed straight into my throat, about to cum, pumping away furiously as my painted nails desperately try and finger his P spot to PROLONG his pleasure as long as I can!

As Madam Su sucks’ Master’s balls so succuclently !

And lovingly!

As the load blasts!

Right at the back of my throat, or in my eye, or all over my face, or wherever really.

Point is “me taking it, Sir!”

“Take it, bitch! I’m cumming!” I still remember that throaty groan the first time a black guy with his deliciously CURVED cock – curved upwards – did it to me!

And he came so much that I was left spitting out cum – and licking up the last blobs on his lovely cock I still remember.

Is it any wonder that is included in Humiliation Central?

And the lady wasn’t Su. Su – Jerome. Madam Sophia Bai!

It was none other than Princess Joanie and those are her feet on the cover!

Madam was SO NICE! I loved it!

But anyway, could be used toothpaste too, as Ms. Priyanka for one would often spit into my mouth in a taunting, giggly, I’m the boss manner!

Indian ladies are just as adept as femdom, boy!

Or, the stink of her dirty socks that she so inventively put in my mouth …. (how is mentioned in the book).

Or anything, really.

But I remember Su giggling as she shared Master’s cum with me once.

And …

“It tastes good, doesnt it, boy!”

And she spit it straight out on my face!

OH – MY – GOD!

Just thinking about that brings me to a sissygasm, orgasm, nipplegasm or what have you!

Cucks sharing cock is one thing. Sharing it with your SO is another lovely, and far better thing!

But anyway, washing mouths?

I dont know, my friend.

But as I finished my lunch, I thought about it .. and am writing to you now about it.

If it’s food, I would.

Or normal washing, I would.

But I’d never wash the scent of Madam Su’s ass and Jerome’s balls out of my mouth!

Id’ never want the smell of perfect Madam Susan’s SOLES to go away!

And the sticky sweet smell of cum. I hope it lingers forever in my nostriles!

And more.

And I believe thereeth lies the answer to success at anything.

Go the whole humpty, my friend – indeed worth it!


Mike Watson

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