What most people do NOT understand about a foot fetish!

As I saw a person on Linked IN (another form of social media I almost never ever use – actually I made the conscious choice and decision to QUIT all social media a while back (as I’ve said)) post about his “dramatic weight loss”, I saw he posted a picture of his feet.

Male feet.

And his caption was “for the foot fetishists” and it was no doubt meant as a joke of sorts.

But really, this brings to mind the most common misconception most people have about a true foot fetish.

It’s never about the feet, or how beautiful or not they are – just like it’s NOT about her age, looks, or anything

It’s about the mind.

And THE HUMILIATION that is the real turn on for most foot fetishists!

And therefore, the sole of the book.

And therefore, the SOLES on most of the covers of my book (the exceptions to this being Sissy Central and Humiliation Central, but in those cases -w ell – I think “enough said” anyway!) ..

(thats princess Joanie! Perfect Princess Joanie!)

And misconceptions aside, I spoke to anotgher Princess today.

Another true GODDESS.

Goddess Tracy, her of the “Indian man hot” fame!

And while it was a very delayed response to her question, because I’ve been off social media I decided to check anyway on a whim, and saw her messag.e

And actually, I’ve been thinking about her for a few days now.

She’s got the most gorgeous legs and feet ever which she is NOT and never was shy about showing off.

She even had her own Marilyn Monroe moment that one day on the top of the hill. Breezy day it was, and her skirt (the kind where you wear sports shorts underneath) flew up.

I’ve written about this before, of course, and that loo k inthe eye.

Giggly, shy, yet SECURE.

Because subconsciously she knows yours truly CUCKED and SISSIFED would never “do much”, hehe.

And she loves that.

Consciously she told me “dont think too much!

The “Boy” was left unsaid.

And I love that.

Paye Lagu, Goddess Tracy! You’re the best tease ever, and I than kyou SO MUCH FOR IT!


Mike Watson

PS – If you’re iRuined orgasmsnto tease and denial, be sure and pick up the book on RUINED orgasms. You will LOVE IT!

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