This is what all WOMEN should be like!

Paye lagu, Memsahib .. JI!

I’ve written before about the Pakistan Goddesses I’ve seen so often.

And today, I’ll write about a “real memsahib”. A perfect queen that inspired so many posts, and while I dont have a book out on Pakistani femdom as yet, I think I’ll do so in the near future!

But I have plenty of Indian femdom!

The lovely Ms. Priyanka, and the lady right HERE – in this video is just like Priyanka in many ways!

I do NOT generally include external links on this site, but for the sheer realism of this video, and how the young and beautiful woman verbally denigrates, and HUMILIATES her maid – here goes !

The maid is an older lady.

The house is spotless, and the lady of the hosue is relaxing on a large red couch, feet comfortably perched one on top of the other.

As she should!

The maid is sitting at her feet, cross legged, bending every time to press her legs and feet. Literally!

As perfect Madam ji relaxes.

But if that were all there was to it, I would not care!

It’s about Madam’s verbal denigration!

The maid isn’t pressing her feet hard enough.

“Zor se! Dard hai!”

Press harder, bitch, she might as well have said!

(as Ms. Priyanka DID say so often!)

(Link – – be sure and FOLLOW US!)

And she’s relaxed, comfortable, and speaks DOWN to the maid all throughout whose much older than her, and the maid ACCEPTS HER POSITION!

The maid is as polite to her, as she is RUDE to the maid!

And both turn me on som uch!

Perfect Madam Alexa, and myself come to mind.

The age difference is a turn on, boy!

And it is!

Groveling at any woman’s foot is a turn, on actually – and if there was one thing I could reverse about the video, it would be me pressing all three ladies legs and feet, and most of all the maid who would DELIGHT in reverse humiliation!

Ladies of the night.


Regular ladies.

All of them shoul dBE like this lady – relaxed. Confident. Poised. And dominant, ready to HUMILIATE, denigrate and DOMINATE at a minute’s notice!

Paye Lagu, Madam!

And physically, the way she moves her SOLES throughout the whole video, casually almost kicking the lady massaging her!

OH … BOY!.


And without further ado, since I forgot to post the link up there – here is the link – A young and beautiful girl gets her feet massaged by her maid – YouTube

Enjoy, and I have many more!


Mike Watson

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