More on phallus POWER!

Over the past few weeks, yours truly noticed a strange, strange thing indeed!

But maybe it’s not so strange after all!

The “Shree” symbol (do a Google, and you’ll find it) is one of the MOST sacred for most Hindus (that believe in Hinduism).

It’s also a symbol that Hitler, along with the Swastika stole and was enamored with.

But … I’ve noticed this one thing.

The symbol to the left of the “symbol” (if that makes sense!) looks REALLY like a man being “impregnated”!

And try as I might, I cannot help but think the other symbol looks like a “phallus”. A giant one, with the head emphasized!

And I don’t think it’s just me. Google the symbol, and you’ll see!

Now, this isn’t as strange as you might think!

Male sexual energy has OFTEN been reverered in cultures bygone, and even Napoleon Hill waxed lyrical about the power of SEXUAL transmutation.

As he said, ALL successful men are highly sexed, and the prime reason why most men don’t succeed before 40 is because they spend their energy “sowing their wild oats!”

Unless your yours truly cucked and sissifed, and never allowed real man orgasms, which is the point of it all – two points !;)

Two balls, two points!

Anyway, and again.

Hindu wrestlers are shit scared of their semen leaking out pre contest. Ditto for ancient boxers and wrestlers in the West who’d refrain from any and all sexual activity pre bout.

(Need any more proof that being a sissy is the BEST thing for a man? Hehe …)

Or, take the “Shiva Ling” a religious “stone” in the Himalayas (well, it’s revered in Hindu religion I should say and they say it has magical powers).

Shiv – male God.

Ling – his … well, his penis!

Sorry if that offends, but it’s true!

The penis does indeed have mythical powers, and is it any wonder SO MANY MEN want it?

And is it any wonder I keep exhorting people, men specifically to give in to their inner desires?

Believe me, life flows once you do so!

NO, it aint gay or whatever label you attach to!

The ancient Kamasutra for one was far less judgemental about these things, and so should WE.

I’ve said this in Cuck Central, probably Humiliation Central, and CERTAINLY the book on sissygasms.

Because it bears repeating!

And that, my friend is that.

Live life – in the flow – and remember – what I’m saying is true!


Mike Watson

PS – Worship that cock like it’s meant to – and LEARN how to do so right here – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots.

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