Chinese girls are ALWAYS dominant, BOY!

I forgot to write down a dream I had last night!

Actually, I had many, but they were somewhat disjointed. And unlike most mornings, I didnt wake up with a gigantic hard on …

… Not sure why. Maybe the dreams?

But I DID have some gorgeous women come in my dreams.

And I believe I was the “boss” or something in one of the dreams, and a lady skipped in late.

Oh so casually (and btw, as I write this, I “hear” Pooja Madam Ji’s voice yelling outside! So I know I’m on the right track, hehe. The Universe always sends a signal!) …

As if to say, I dont care if I’m late, boy!

She had that lovely STRING tied around her … THIGH this time, not the ankle!

I’ve written galore about how strings and anklets turn me on OH so much. They put more focus on the foot, arch and sole, as it should be!

Talk to my SOLES, boy! As Madam Susan taught me so expertly …

But anyway, point being this … there were two girls.

One with LARGE feet.

Chinese gal.

The feet were not “pretty” – but the eyes said it all, she was so dominant!

And the other girl was relaxing in a sofa as I moved past …

Again, with bare feet and soles!

And they were supposed to be employees, hehe.

Thats why I can never “hire” a Chinese girl to work for me.

Because before I know it, I’ll be under her feet!

Anyway, on that note, I dont know if I mentioned it, but an OLDIE but GOODIE amongst my Chinese femdom books is this one – The Double Agent!

I remember speaking to perfect Madam Miyako, and SHE inspired this book, and MOST of it is true! 😉 (especially the introduction etc)

Another one is this one – 25 million Dollars.

For you cucks and those with “cock tendencies”, you’ll enjoy the story of Antonio being “bred” in a man on man salon, hehe.

Where hairy men show up to get their cocks sucked and asses licked, and Antonio the former STUD is put in his PLACE, where he BELONGS!

Grab both of these now, and let me know how you like ‘em!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember. CHINESE girls are ALWAYS dominant, boy! Thats just how it is, and you best ACCEPT IT!

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