On going to ANY AND ALL lengths for her, and POOJA Memsahib … JI!

Oh boy.

Just, oh boy!

As I hear (so I think!;)) Pooja Madam outside, shouting in that gravely voice of hers, ravaged by the sands of time so to speak, thats all it took.

Even the cocks I’ve been writing about (by the way, I saw a LOVELY luscious CURVED cock – and SATINY SMOOTH at that, the balls dangling and shaven,the dick pointing proudly up, up and up! – and I SO WANTED to worship it! – so much so that my hands are shaking right now writing this!) doesnt compare.

Dont compare. Whatever!

“Whats your purpose in life, sissy?”

It’s to suck COCK, said the meme.

And so says your truly, with another ramrod straight DICK on my mind, somewhat hairier, and the stomach sexy, kissable and FLAT …

… Women love flat stomachs as opposed to the maniacal muscle bound monsters at the ole gym.

… and so do sissies! 😉 and cucks, too …

Anyway, my latest book on sissydom was too much for Amazon apparently.

They blocked it twice, and then my account.

And they restored it, of course, with the caveat I take down books that didnt meet their guidelines.

Now, I can only think of onet hat is that risque – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and though that seemed to have passed the Amazon test with flying colors, I took it down anyway.

Safe side.

But it’s still available on this site. Hurry though- that discount won’t last forever!

And other biggies as well, in case you guys have been paying attention!

Cocks aside, if Pooja mesahib was right here, right now?!

I’d press her legs immediately.

I’d kiss her “wrinkled” hands and thank her for it!

I’d worship that brown body, that lovely ass as if there was no tomorrow!

I’d kiss the ROLLS of fat around her midsection and thank for her it. Id kiss her entire back over and over again if she let me!

“Kal rat ko chudhi thi mein!”

(My Hindi is rusty at best, but it means roughly translated, “I was fucked last night”!)

She’d say, and I’d gladly drink the CUM out, or smell the leftover’s of her STUD’s!

I’d beg her to rape my wallet as I did with Pearl, that superb lady who fin dommed and still does so well!

I’d BEG her to date other men!

Most of all though, I’d groven not just at her feet, but beneath them, truly, as perfect Madam Susan said with THAT lilt to her voice, that look to her eyes.

“Talk to her soles, boy! Get to know them well!”

To that I’d add.

“And debase yourself to ANY and all lengths, and keep outdoing yourself, BOY!”

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Read about how I debased myself at perfect Garima Madam JI’s feet right here.

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