Hot … and cold!

As I just took a loong overdue “leak”, I noticed the following.

Or thought the following.

HOT – and COLD!

Many years ago, in Southern China, a lady (of the night) once used this technique on ME when giving me a blowjob.

She sucked my nipples ever so expertly with this technique. Those lovely sexy lips took a bit of warm “some sort of water” (they said it was some Oriental something, but I think that was more marketing than anything else!) and licked my nipples – the TIP!

Oh – BOY!

Believe me, we didnt even get to the blowjob. I pulled her soles next to my face. The next thing you know, that SATISFIED expresson on her face, and the KNOWING look as she jerked me off, but with one hand!

Madam was getting paid to do way more.

But she got awway with way less, and I groveled in front of her, and paid her repeat visits too!

Truly dominant, truly gorgesous are these Chinese ladies, and anyway, more such tales are available in Sin City Diaries – the Compilation (or you coul dpick each one up seperately if yous oc hoose).

(Now, the other thing I Want to say and have been wanting to say – as you know, OUR Products on this site here are ALL digital downloads. I dont plan on that changing any time soon. But for those of you that want physical books, email me, and we’ll see what can be done in that regard!).

And anyway … I prefer hot, I gotta say. When she alternated between hot and cold flicks of the tongue, the cold felt different. I didnt quite like it!

OF course, that didnt mean I escaped it!

Those of you that have read the “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant – she was anything BUT” know the torture that Krystal’s nigh imperious friend put me through.

Iced balls – OUCH!

That was just the start. I’m glad she didnt smack me one in the nuts as sensation returned!

What she did do, and what I didnt put in the book is she put an ICE cube up my ass once, and oh MY GOD – the sheer “pain” and as I lept around, the two girls giggling, and as it became hot, my sissiness leaking … INDESCRIBABLE!

(I dont recommend you try either one of the above unless you really know what youre doing!)

That book DOES have several other instances of Krystals shoving spoons up my ass, and forcing me to EAT off them. 😉 And many other very degrading experiences!

And back to hot (but yes, that one day I met Krystal at Happy Giraffe – who woulda thunk it that the holidays after that would produce SO much – pun intended!)

Hot piss – either hers or his (I still remember a friend of mine – THAT friend – pissing on me in the shower, and me taking it all, and licking the last drops off the hood passionately… looking up at him ) …

Hot CUM – self explanatory! Mmm, the SMELL and TASTE of real man cum!

And sissy cum left in the fridge for days too, snicker. Hehe.

But really – point of this?

The hot and cold technique*s* can be used very inventively indeed!

How you do is up to YOU!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can pick up the best course on humiliation – Humiliation Central. Princess Joanie was the best – and HERE is a book dedicated to her – Princess Joanie!

PS #2 – That dress! Paye Lagu Madam JI!!!!!!!!

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