Cuck vantage points, and his SOLES on my THIGHS!

One of the things I often did with Madam Carol when we “switched” (and yes, that story is detailed in the book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the mainland) in some ways was this …

… She’d be sucking me off, and I’d be cumming in her mouth.

And often times, we’d be very near to a window. In the kitchen as it were, on a first floor apartment with high rises all around us.

Pitch darkness, of course, since i twas late at night and we didnt turn the lights on.

So no-one saw us!

But really, THAT was how much we turned each other on.

And I still remember putting my foot on the inside of her lovely soft thighs, pressing her legs down as I shot all over her face, her mouth, her hair (and indeed, strands of cum would stick to her hair sometimes!).

She liked it. Hehe.

So did I. Those feet! The loveliest ever!

Anyway, one favorite cuck vantage point of mine is him after he’s really ready to cum.

“I’m cumming, boy!”

“Take it, bitch!” in that strained, moany sort of voice that tells you even that magnficient tool can’t hold his creamy, HOT load any longer!

And on it goes to my face, the balls dangling as I tickle them, suck them, whatever Master wants!

And it smells SO GOOD!

The smell of cum … MMM!! Especially real man cum, with a lady staring down at me, and him looking into my eyes … STRAIGHT into them — that dominance!

And with HIS foot on my thigh too.

It’s nowhere near as soft as Carol’s.

But, it enhances the dominance even more, so I can’t MOVE!

And as he shoots his load, my sissy cock just keeps leaking of course.

And this was exactly what Master Jerome (that lovely long black dick) did often.

It was a HUGE turn on – and still is – and Su loved it!

And YOU, my friend, can read more about this imperious cuckoldress in the sequel (one of them – I forget which to the “Sophia Bai” initial book).

Or, you could just pick up the compilation!

And that is that for now. Back son!


Mike Watson

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