Nipples, P-spot, humilation, and MORE!

Oh … BOY! Really.

Thats the feeling I have every time I have a sissygasm. EVERY TIME!

Every time I “spurt” my sissy load.

Every time I have to clean up thereafter, and sometimes lick it up – and of course, that messy cloth I spoke about, that sweet smell of cum that persists for DAYS afterwards … 😉

It’s become dry and hard, but I still use it daily.

And I still smell it once at least, despite the rancid smell.

I can still hear Madam Pearl giggling, as I did this with her lover’s day old cum.

But she was a true findomina, more than anything else! It was Madam Su that was the cuckoldress au extraordinnaire … !

Anyway, as I “give thanks” to the Universe in general for providing me with (as a person recently told me) “nary a dull moment in my life” (that was the gist – what he said was “Mike, I can see you don’t have a dull moment in your life!”) … these thoughts struck me as soon as I woke up.

And now I’m sharing them with you!

Her feet in my lap. Preferably Madam Kangana’s you’d think from the last post, but it could be anyone. I just think she was in my dream, but it could be symbolic. 😉

And as I press them, another lady pinching my nipples and bitch tits.

Twirling those lovely fingers around my nipples, which alone can lead me to sissgasm, even with my “limpie!”

And it feels SO good!

IF there is ONE reason I’d say I love that I went to China all those years ago, and never “looked back” ,it is THIS.

Chinese girls, and how adeptly they aroused that dormant submissive streak, and of course, my ex in the US who FIRST got me started on the joys of nipple play – and that Chinese ladies in general seem to be NATURALS at.

At least, as far as I can tell, and have experienced. Hehe.

And the humilation too! 😉

Now, where was I.

Ah yes.

And as she tweaks my nipples, and I look at the condescending, giggly look on Madam’s face, an dher CONFIDENT soles … another lady puts a finger in my ass!

Lubes me up!

In and out, boy!

“Ohh, you little thing! You like it, don’t you, boy!” she giggles away, and then of course without warning, goes right to th eP spot while the other lady twirls those Goddess like fingers around my nipples!

And my dick, all shriveled up suddenly “springs up” and spurts the most immense sissy load ever.

(and the ladies move away at the RIGHT moment, of course !;))

The feeling is INDESCRIBABLE, my friend.

Yes, it’s frustrating like a ruined orgasm.

YES, you stay horny afterwards much like with it.

But truth be told, I only went so far in my initial book on ruined orgasms when I spoke about P sport play.

Maybe I need to put out version 2 of that book (or Volume 2) dedicated mostly to the P spot, because believe me, although the first book will keep you busy for the rest of your life, it barely “scratches the surface” as it were.


I don’t have a dull moment in my life, and I love that! Hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can pick up the first and immensely popular book on ruined orgasms – 15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his life that will have him GROVELING for MORE!

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