Pooja Madam reclining, and kicking my BUTT!

I saw an old movie (I can’t remember which language it was – or if it was Bollywood, or what) where the “mistress” of the house was reclining on one of those … ah, whats the name?

You know. Them things they hang between the trees and people lie down in them …

It was her estate, or balcony, and she was fanning herself.

And swinging away, one lovely (old- she was an older lady – yes!) foot swinging away …

.. and THWACK!

It was kicking another woman – a servant – “of the house” as it were in the backside as the unfortunate lady went about her tasks (Which were to sweep the floor).

Some people have the most ingenious ideas!

And of course, the movie I saw (and this was Bollywood, yes, where a girl was forced to serve an entire family like they owned her – and funny part – SHE was the owner of the estate!).

What is truly sad is these sort of things happen in REAL life in the subcontinent.

But anyway, as I “heard” Pooja Madam outside …

She was yelling.

About something!

And the voice just kept going, going, going. Harsh, dominant and “scratchy”.

It woke me up – in more ways than one – and the first thought I had was Memsahib Ji sitting on the recliner, and yous truly in the squatting position I was taught so often in China (the most uncomfortable ever from a certan standpoint, and oddly enough one of the healthiest positions ever too!).

And kicking not just my ass – but my nuts too!


I so want to drop and kiss Pooja Madam’s feet right now!

There is a REASON I mention a “Pooja” in “Serving an Indian Goddess”, and if you red the book – you’ll know why! 😉

And moving on from that, Madam Ann.

Perfect Madam Ann, who racially humiliated me so well (read the sneak preview at the end of the book).

“What if you don’t do your tasks well, boy!”

“Madam, you can slap me”, I replied.

“Or beat you with a stick!” she giggled. “But what if it hits you … “

And though her voice trailed off, she was enjoying the thought!

And she’d probably have done it too!

Actually, she DID do it once – I didn’t mention it in the first book, but I’ll do so in the second. Guranteed!! Hehe.

For now, pick up the Serving an Indian Goddess series right here, and Madam Ann right here. You, the femdom lover, will love both!

Don’t call me though if you can’ts leep at night with that hard on that doesnt go away, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can pick up another bestseller – the book on RUINED ORGASMS!

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