“I dont want to touch your dick, BOY!!!”

I heard Pooja Madam yellin g- again – this morning outside!

And every time I hear you, you know what happens.

Cuck pleasure. Cuck orgasms. Cuckie boy’s cuckie dick gets hard … and …

I dont know why, but I thought about pressing Pooja’s feet as she relaxed, snoring comfortably, that lovely sari hiked up to MID calf, those lovely petite dirty soles on full “offer”!

Oh … BOY!!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji!!

And she’d probably do what she did before!

“Talwe Chat!” (lick my soles, boy – in Hindi thats a most derogatory expression! ;)).

Or, she’d probably kick me away as soon as she was done with her foot massage, much like the Pakistani Goddess did … remember THAT scene?

“Dafa ho ja!”

Get out, boy!

Anyway … I thought of fucking her feet. Her soles, the cracked part for whatever reason.

And of course, rubbing my cum on to those lovely, CRACKED soles …

Hey, cuck cum should be of some use, shouldnt it now, boy?

And if all it’s good for is to moisturize Madam’s cracked heels, then so be it! And thats something Ms. Priyanka taught me all those years ago.

Then I thought about being kicked in the balls. Not just by Pooja, but the other girl (middle aged lady) I saw out there in the park, her of the anklets, and petite feet!



Oh … BOY!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! I’d say again as I’d kiss my own cum on the TOP of that lady’s feet, wipe it off, “pool it off” with my hands and wip eher SOLES with it!

Anyway, all of this reminds me of another imperious lady.

A Chinese lady, of course. 😉

Wayyyyy back in the day, and I’m not sure if I mentioned this in Sin City Diaries or not, but there was this girl I paid for a handjob and a massage.

You know those places I talk about so often …

It was all part of the deal.

She was more than happy to massage me. Stare at me (she wasn’t the overly chatty or friendly sort, unlike perfect Ms. Aa Ling!).

Tweak my nipples (she was naturally even more of an expert at that!).

But when I pulled my pants down for the handjob?

She PULLED HER HANDS AWAY – in sheer disgust!

The whole look said one thing.

And the anger!

“I dont want to touch your dick, boy!”

I could have rightfully walked out there and then.

After all, I had paid for it!

But, I didnt.

Her anger turned me on, and I was humiliated, and I jerked off myself, and as I came, the best thing happened.

It was a great orgasm, of course. But the way she JERKED her head back so the cum wouldn’t catch her on the chin (some guys really cum “forcefully”!) was the “best thing” – better than the orgasm itself.

No cuck cum on MY face, boy!

And once done, she imperiously pointed to a bunch of tissues. She wouldnt’ get them for me as was the norm.

“Wipe it yourself, boy!”

And … I had to tip her as well for this!!!!!

She was having a headache, I remember, later!

What a lovely, imperious lady. And she was right. Slaves and cucks deserves one thing -e xactly what I got above.

And they need to pay – BOY!


Mike Watson

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