The Romanian Goddess I just saw!

Well, I’m not sure if she WAS Romanian, or just a damn good actor.

But she was OOZING sexuality, and sternness! (is that even a word, hehe).

And she slapped men around just oh so well, not to mention kicked her husband in the chest (albeit playfully) so well!

Anyway, whoa. Whoa! Let me back up.

And back up this sissy will! ? In more ways than one, Madam!

So I just saw a movie about a woman that (post WWII) suddenly encounters a rapist from back in the War.

The story itself is somewhat cliched and the usual “revenge” seeking story so nothing new there. I suspect the movie went “straight to cable” as it were, as it wasn’t anything special at all.

But the lady.

My oh my!

They show her wearing high heels, crushing out cigarettes with her heels, and so realistic are the scenes that …

She’s shown at home putting curlers in her hair, and when her (dorky) nerd husband climbs on her to do you know what, she playfully kicks him *away* in the chest with her SOLE! ?

I can hear the thwack still.

More than that, I can see the lovely bare arms.

And the FEET, and soles, which aren’t even pedicured, and the calves, which aren’t anywhere near as dainty as you might expect, but all of it gave me a massive hard on, and you know why?

Because it’s REAL.

Right down to the lady I’m referring to (the actress).

She played the part very well, and even when her fingers are dirty like a man’s might be from digging through the dirt (part of the movie), you feel she’s sexy.

At least I did.

Even without much make up.

Even with her hair frazzled.

And of course, that old stereotype (or maybe not!;)) about Eastern European Dominas, and how strict they can be!

The grass is always greener eh.

But the real point is femdom in REAL LIFE.

And while this was a very understated version, she so adeptly captures and kidnaps the “rapist” and smacks him around and slaps him so well that you start to imagine it was her as a Nazi guard all those years ago and him the prisoner (and not the other way around).

Ah, movies. And the fantasies they arouse.

And as far as racial fantasies go, I’ve had plenty of ‘em . . .

And here is a tale devoted very strictly to THAT niche (and not one you might expect either in terms of the dynamics ?).



Mike Watson

PS – And after that, don’t forget to pick up a book or two from our Chinese femdom collection – truly, truly worth it for real femdom lovers!

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