Why men should ALWAYS and ARE and will REMAIN nothing but the DUST under a woman’s FOOT! Her SOLE! Nothing but the DUST on her foot, and so it should be!

So, I had this half written before the “crashes” that are going on all morning hit again!

My computer shut down this time. Unexpectedly. Energy or not, I believe it’s trying to make me prove how much I love femdom, and women in general! And thats fine. Here goes again. If you truly love a topic, all good and all fair in love, war and femdom!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

I just had to say that.

And as I recall that one line about “women being the shoes on men’s feet” that I once heard ALL THOSE YEARS ago in India, and remember that “Colonial Era House” where I heard it (hey, am I giving away my age?? ;)) I had to say this (actually, I say it all the time, so had to say it AGAIN!)

Women rule!

And perfect Goddess 7 won’t even let me buy her something – she won’t even TELL Me what brand of makeup to buy.

Despite my begging, salivating, and GROVELING, she’s making me wait (proof on Twitter!!)

And, despite everything else!

And she’s laughing at me. She knows. That cool laugh, that sexy laugh, and she keeps giggling and laughing, and I’m going nuts!

And anyway, as I write this, I got back from my workout. Finally got that done, hehe.

And as I returned from a run in the park, I saw the lady.

Presumably of Indian descent or whatever, but I ain’t sure. Sitting out there. With her SOLE looking at me, of course!

Just like the Chines elady sitting outside her office THAT day early in 2019, and we all know the paraxoyms of LUST that One SOLE SHOT drove me to!

And what I wanted to do for her!

And this lady’s sole was even grimier because she was wearing sandals.

And to be fair, Chinese lady girl‘s soles were EVEN sweatier and stinkier, I’d say, because Madam, perfect Madam with the BROAD sole like today was wearing shoes and socks!!

And WHY does this turn me on so much?

Why do WOMEN RULE? ?

Well, other than my heart going thump thump …a nd other than the obvious, because they DO!

And if I have to tell you why, you really shouldn’t be on this site!

Thats just the natural order. The way it isi! And women truly DO CONTROL us men – every little detail with a FLICK of their fingers and that GIGGLE, and many other sexy, subtle ways like Goddess 7 is me right now.

Truly the fairer and superior sex!

And every time I see that sole shot (auto attraction, anyone??) I just want to drop down and lick, kiss, anything!

And of course, give Madam my entire BANK ACCOUNT!

And on that note, do you remember perfet Madam Manju?

The “lady that came in to help” wayyyyyyyy back in the day when yours truly was “wee young” in the house I lived (or I think my relatives did)?

Well, I have no idea if that house is still there. Probably not.

But Manju probably is!

And I often saw her sweating in the kitchen, her feet as she moved barefeet in the house (India has certain terrible rules when it comes to servants to this day I think, and they truly do keep the ladies “underfoot” as it were in many regards, especially in smaller towns etc().

(Correct me if thats changed, of course. This is of course from eons ago).

And as this old, always young man keeps writing, his heart pounding, he can almost feel it.

Her slap, her spitting on me, and taking out ALL HER FRUSTRATIONS ON the ‘priveleged’ (not really, hehe) guy.

And so she should.

So should THEY!

And for true femdom lovers, always be of use to women in general boy!

Could be buying her things. Of course!

Could be being her best friend and nothing else! Her doormat. Her sissy! And many more such things, of course!

Could be retweeting her stuff, or spreading the word about HER! Her benefit DOE SMATTER!

Could be whatever SHE Wants.

SHOULD be that way.

And now, boy, go wash your SO’s feet – – I think I might just go do that, even though she doesnt need it (she’s been lazing around all afternoon!). ;


Mike Watson

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