When you hear a ting ting, you have to get me a refill … BOY!!

Today is just such a great day! Every day is, of course.

And every day I beg, salivate and eventually end up being used and abused by a woman, any woman IS!

And my SO knows this of course. 😉

A while back, while Iwas writing all this, she was sitting in her favorite chair. One leg up on the desk, wayyyy up, and being she’s wearing her pink shorts (those lovely pink shorts I wrote about before!!) and a black T, she looks oh so demanding and gorgeous, especially when the SOLE of just ONE foot is visible, and though you’d “normally” make an attempt to remove it from “view”, she did no such thing!

As I placed a cup of tea before her and returned to my writing.

She knows that, of course. She allows it!

But I still gotta serve her tea in my breaks. Use that energy, boy, as she likes to say!!

And while I should be working out now (I think), I just gave her more tea.

At that time, I just wanted to drop down and beg permission to lick her to several orgasms but she was busy

So, I just dreamed of the way she pulls my hair out of my roots when I lick her, and how she demands more, more, and more, and humiliates me like only she can while she’s at it, and now that she is at work, I just gave her more tea.

And she was watching some cartoon or the other.

And her comment?

I need to talk to you, boy!

“Madam, may I finish what I was writing” (very timdly!)

She giggled. She knows how it is when I’ve got the urge to write and she knows how it is when I’ve got the urge to leak, and she makes me do both of those for her benefit quite often!

(when she had that foot up on the table, she was talking to some guy she probably met from work. Another reason why it’s a great day, and she was GIGGLING, with her hair all open! Oh boy!)

(And her “fat” stomach was visible, and it mattered not. Madam, please be more fat is what I’d say. I’ll worship you anyway!).

But anyway …

“Boy! Before you go, listen to me!”

And of course, I did.

She produced a tiny little “Buddhist” style bell she often uses (though I’m not sure when. Maybe while reading her Prayers. I’m not sure – I’m not religious in the least (unless you count femdom!)).

“Boy! When I ring this, I better have another refill, or els,e boy!”

“When it goes ting, ting, you better have it ready, boy!”

(She’s a born Domina!!)

And she’s so right!

Ms. Priyanka often employed this technique and more as well. And I’ve written all about it in the Indian Goddess series, and just THINKING about it makes me want to leak.


Is NOT the books (though they’re great), and NOT the sequels (they’re even better!).

It’s how the books FINISH OFF!

With yours truly on the way to “truly” becoming a sissy – and a woman – physcially!

Will that happen?

I Dont know – but for now, another thing – I see so many gorgeous ladies on Twitter all the time. That thing about attraction!

And one of these bozo type guys asked me once “why do you keep retwweeting them”. What do you get out of it?

Typical “Thomas” like comment that (you rememebr that guy, don’t you??).

I dont want to get anything out of my retweets!

While YES, THIS is a biz, end of the day it’s about doing what I love, really love, deep down inside.

And if these gorgeous ladies can get more publicity and more salivating slaves, so be it!

I’m ALL THE MORE HAPPIER for them! And myself, because thats furthering the lifestyle!

And indeed, thats that for now. I’m off – back to salivating for the oh so perfect goddess 7!!!!!


Mike Watson

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