My SO’s soles on the dining table, as I eat, staring RIGHT at me …

Along with thos epink shorts, long legs also!

And the soles were FLEXING back and forth, and while she probably did that involunarily, it still tells a story!

It was NOT for nothing that perfect Madam Susan, that lovely older lady whose feet I spent SO much time in “YanJiang” in China … the perfect woman whose soles I worshipped SO often, so much so that the soles actually started to talk to me, taught me so much!

And thats what she taught me.

Talk to my soles, BOY!

BE respectful! Get to know them better than your own FACE, boy!

Smack! She’d often give me ONE to the back of my head while saying this, or laughingly smack me on the cheek with her foot.

(And of course, Madam Carrie’s kicks to my balls encouraged her even more!)

Anyway, as I cleared up from the dining table today I was desperately trying to do one thing.

Just ONE!

(Well, other than not trying to stare at Madam’s soles … those long lovely soles, those sexy ankles, those toes, the BOTTOM of the toes wiggling ever so invitingly …)

I was trying my best, and I think I succeeded – at not letting my SO see my giant hard on!

Or I’d no doubt NOT be writing this right now, as one of these feet would probably land smack square on my bollocks.

And being as full as they are … oh my! That kick will hurt EVEN MORE!

Actually my gentilia is already sore from kicks a few days ago.

So I don’t want an encore.

Actually I do. The mental part of me DOES!

Physically … OUCH! NO!

But anyway, thats why.

We were eating a mixture of “egg and rice” (or so they call it, “Chi Dan Fan” which loosely translates into chicken egg and rice in English)

And, I was just fantasizing the whole time. I could have stopped eating right there and then!

I wanted her to MASH my face into the food like with Empress Cody! (My SO had finished eating before me, of course, so she was putting her feet up on the table, and no, she normally doenst do this on the dining table, but I guess its for me, and no ,she did NOT clear the dishes, even hers, and I don’t want her to, and I’m so lucky, Madam Ji!).

I wanted her to kick me. KICK ME HARD!

I wanted to stare at her toes, and talk to them. The soles too.

Eat mashed egg of her slightly grimy feet (I haven’t done the floor cleaning etc as yet today).

Eat mashed RICE off her soles!

And more.

But it’s the symbolism.

And it’s something I’ve always wanted, and something Ms. Priyanka ALWAYS DID (read the “tests” she put me through when she “reappeared” after a break!).

For her sole to be right in front of me, as I eat my food.

Because that reminds me more than anything else what a privilege it is to call her my SO.

What a privelege it is to SERVE a woman.

One that shouldn’t be taken lightly!

And above all, it reminds me of my true place in life.

Under a woman’s foot (hers for now). Underfoot, sissifed, cucked, and more!


Mike Watson

PS – love stuff like this? Well, you’ll love our tales of Chinese femdom then!!

PPS – That lazy, relaxed expression she has after a good “rodgering” from an alpha male, after which she does much the same, except the legs are spread, and I get to lick up the semen! Real man BULL semen. Oh boy! Maybe I’ll write MORE on this! Let’s see!

For now, plenty such tales in Cuckold Compilations. Enjoy!!

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