Why I love findom SOOO Much!

In some ways, the sheer rush is even better than being anally raped or sucking cock or achieving some sort of sissy release …

All of that is physical to an extent, but findom?

It’s mostly mental, and the ladies that do it, and do it WELL will be the first one to tell you what I have been saying for AGES now.

It’s never about her age, or “how fat she is”, or “is she beautiful’ and other such rubbish.

All of this doesn’t … MATTER!

What matters is her mind, boy!

A 70 year old “GrandMa” could dominate me better mentally (if she knew how to) than perhaps a 35 year old beauty (though I’d worship both anyway!) and uit’s true!

And that actually happened, of course, and I’ve written ALL about it “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” and how I was made to worship Madam’s MOM’s CRUSTY old ass … and worship it like there was no tomorrow!!

And It was such a turn on massaging the old lady’s wrinkled soles as she did what she does best, dominate a man!

Yes, Aa Chie (her real name) got those nipple sucking skills and “keeping a man on edge’ from SOMEWHERE! ?

“name” up there became “man” for whatever reason before I corrected it.

Did she, like the lovely Anne have another man “on the side”?

I haven’t written about this as yet. Maybe I will soon – stay tuned!

But I’m getting side tracked as usual.

“Madam, how are you today? How are your feet? Last night, so tired!”


(She means “better”, and she said it after that).


“Madam, thank you so much!”

“Don’t be so polite”.

(She’s outside, and likely BUSY. So the lovely short responses. The more she ignores me, the more I love it! ?).

And then I had to say it.

“Madam, you know why I’m saying it! Madam, you know what I mean! Madam, you’re just so nice!”

And much like with Princess Joanie I want to really ask her to MAKE me pay for something!

Just something.


“Madam, what dress are you wearing? Long, or short?”

….No reply.

I’m waiting! … . the sissygasm last night did nothing to douse the fires of passion. If anything, I’m EVEN hornier, and I KNOW I made the right decision last night! ?

And …. As with Madam Pearl, she’s keeping me waiting.

And as with Madam Joanie, she loves long dresses more!

They love to show only what they want! ?

“Buy me a DRESS, BOY!”

And while that ONE line said in the RIGHT TONE OF VOICE promoted not ONE, but THREE books (Princess Joanie, Cuck Central and Humiliation Central) (and while Madam Pearl is the star of “Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume 1) … THAT is what it’s all about!

Her ignoring you, giving you nothing in return except TILTILATING you and doing so haughtily and in a humiliating manner.

Her KNOWING that YOU are the scum of the earth, and you belong under her feet, to server her, pamper her, and give her all the money you want.

As they say in China, no money no honey.

I’d add on the following …

… BOY!

Now, that might come across as a surprise given what I wrote about in terms of personal experiences towards the end of the the book on attracting the dominant lady of your dreams from the Chinese mainland.

And that also is a turn on!

Knowing that while she rapes you (both anally and financially) – SHE is in control, and will “take care of you”.

SHE knows the limits! And that’s probably why Princess Tina isn’t talking much to me right now, as she knows I’ll spend way way too much on her (after doing the exact same thing last night! ?).

And that’s what submitting is truly about.

And financial submission too.

The ignoring. The sheer rush of GIVING without RECEIVING (ostensibly so). And more. Much, much more.

Quoting from my Twitter account –

Spending money on ladies and SALIVATING AND BEGGING for their mite attention as they ignore you and humiliate you and give you NOTHING in return is truly what #findom is all about, and I love it …… SO MUCH!!

The world would be a much better place if women kept men under their foot and BOOTS permanently (Except for certain tasks).

Underfoot, underass, …. And …. Ah, but you get the drift! ?

Truly what it’s ALL about!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can pick up Submissive Musings.

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