Why I probably WILL (or want to ! ? ) cheat on the lovely, gorgeous, and oh so commanding Princess TINA!

I don’t know why, but I could’t really sleep last night. Despite there being no feet to press, and no women (woman) to serve.

Despite there being very little housework to do.

Despite there being no S.O, no lovely Princess Tina . . . with that oh so sexy pout of hers!

Once upon a time, she used to tell me the following:

“I’m not as good as you think!”

. . . she didn’t say “boy”, of course! ? That was in response to my conditioning her as a true GODDESS (and by extension, furthering my own conditioning!)

Which is what true femdom is all about, boy!

All about the MIND!

NOT her looks, age, or anything like that!

And what does she do or tell me NOW?

Well, it’s the National Day holidays right now in China. And Princess is on holiday with her friends. Two of them. I’d go, but I’m busy with a new venture I recently started.

And therefore, I’m at home.

And missing her.

Missing those slaps.

That sexy voice of hers as she lies on the sofa and shouts at me to get her tea, and do the dishes!

And now, as I was chatting to her on WeChat, she was pretty abrupt suddenly.

“That’s enough talk, boy! Now go cook!”

And of course …

“Madam, please advise what you’d like for dinner!”

(even though she’s not here, the cooking has to be per her specs and what she wants me to eat, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! ?

She grinned.

Those lovely huge grins. She KNOWS!

“Stir fry!”

And as an afterthought …

“With meat!”

And she then asked me tos end her pictures of my cooking, which I did.

This lovely lady knows that slaves can never be left to their own devices, and should be constantly conditioned for max benefit!

And most, if not all of that is because of what I teach you in the pathbreaking book on attracting the dominant female of your dreams (and yes, while the book is tailored towards ladies from the Chinese mainland, it will work upon ANYONE, and YES, you prospective subs DO NEED TO get it too!).

And the pinnacle of this conditioning, of course?

No sexual release, at least not real man release.


And that holy grain of femdom, real femdom, “milking” as Princess Sophia learned how to do, and did so well after she learned!

That finger in one’s ass, and while Princess Tina often makes me do it myself, there is always a further point of degradation.

Limits may not be meant to be exceeded, but certainly stretched, and she stretches me in more ways than one, pun well and truly intended!

(My last cock was pretty thick, if not that LONG! ?).

And right now, all I want to do is finger myself.

Now, you on this list KNOW that milking isn’t meant for male pleasure! ?

Although it IS and does give some of the best orgasms ever, so much so that you as a cuck or SISSY will NEVER ever want a real man orgasm ever if you’re serious about it and experience it.

In fact, you’ll do all you can to conditioning yourself for the opposite!

And you’ll enjoy it, but Princess Tina would rather I have wet dreams than be caught sneaking around and finger my own ass!

I know, I know.


And humiliating.

And that combo is again …. Well, so damned noxious and SEXYYY! 

And tonight, I think I know what will happen. In fact, I’ve got the rag I use for dusting ready for my useless “ejaculate”.

I would NEVER dare to call it cum.

But I’d call his CUM!

Real man cum. And while the cock I’m thinking about it similar to the lovely cock I just posted on Twitter, I’ll try and post some screenshots of Princess Tina and my conversation as well. See how it goes!

And that’s that for now. I’ll be sure and let you know how it goes! ?


Mike Watson

PS – And yes, it’s cheating if I DO do it, but I’ll tell her afterwards, and does that make it right? Hell no! But I have no choice. I’m leaking as I write this, so horny has she made me. She’s wearing pantyhose right now. Oh boy!!!

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