Millions of FEET (hopefully! ?) and why CUCK LOVE is the best!

It truly, truly IS!

And so are her feet!

As Madam Su told me the first time about “you can press my legs while I watch movies” and then “You can wash my clothes, boy! Just don’t tear ‘em!) … there was something I told her that I haven’t as yet mentioned here.

Well, I have – – but not in terms of Madam Su, who is by far the one and only cuckoldress that truly “got it” from the word go, bang on target, from the minute she added me!

That vibe was there and is there with many girls, but SHE was the only who just came out and said it about cuckolding, and made me a fan forever!

And as this regal lady “regales” my memories, still echoing with thoughts of “Katrina Kaif”, the actress I’v ebeen mentioning in past emails, it bears significance.

There is no form of love better than CUCK love for a true cuckold, my friend.

Ditto for sissy!

As for millions of feet?

Well, I recently saw a picturein which Regal, and oh so perfect Madam Wendy (remember her??? ) asked me to identify her.

FIVE lovely Goddesses, no less, all in beach wear apparently, but much like with Princess Joanie, NO bikinis or beach wear (at least not that I saw, hehe).

Long flowing colorful “qi paos”, or something like that, but the calves were visible, and of course the SOLES, given they were with their back to the camera (intentional, of course, boy! They’re Chinese ladies from the mainland!!!! ?).

And those soles really, realy turned me on and got me thinking about how one certainly isn’t never enough.

One pair of soles, that is!

And I’ve had plenty of experiences with MANY pair of soles staring me right in the face, of course.

Years ago (so it feels like!) I wrote about the one video where the black “ESL” teacher with one of the heaviest French/African accents I know of was “teaching three ladies”.

All Oriental, and probably Chinese!

And one was seated cross legged on the floor (well, maybe with knees bent. I cant remember).

The other two “admiring” (should I Say “devoted” ?) students were beside him on chairs.

He finished his class, and his students stopped him from leaving.

Now, this dude was nothing to look at it. Skinny for one, but then again, as my ex said, us (or them ?) skinniest guys (sometimes sissies) DO HAVE THE LARGEST COCKS !!

And he certainly did.

As they bent to his nipples, one ravishing lady on each nipple, the third bent to his cock and balls, and the sheer pleasure he was experiencing was EVIDENT from the video, and almost made yours truly sissified and cuckolded CUM.

ON command almost!! ?

And if I was there, well, I wouldn’t just worship the three pairs of feet, and asses.

I’d beg to lick, suck and pleasure his COCK, that lovely BLACK COCK for all I was worth to!

There’d be nothing better than three girls sneering at me, pointing that cock down towards my nose!

Or, me licking his balls with HER licking one, me another!

Or, sharing his lovely cock both anally and orally! ?

Sharing truly is caring!

And …. I’ve written about that before, and sharing his cum, of course!

Unless Madam wanted me to partake of that fully, as Madam Su often did!

And … oh BOY!

I’m out, but you get my point, cuckie! ?


Mike Watson

PS – Remember to pick up Cuckold Compilations, my friend – – truly the hottest cuckold stories you’ve ever read, and I am just getting STARTED!!

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