Some goddesses are just so PERFECT that I’d go to ANY Lengths (pun well and truly intended!) for them!

Such as perfect Madam Monica, the massage worker whose picture on WeCHat hit me between the eyes brows like a SOCK ful of sand, and hasn’t left my brain ever since!

It wouldn’t be too much to say “my brain is addled” – with pure femdom.

As if it wasn’t already, you say!

But hey.

Sometimes we meet TRUE and REAL GODDESSES that just floor you (at least they do me!). Like the Chinese girl (rental agent) who was sitting outside her office, soles CROSSED, she made me want to drop down right there and then and BEG her – in public – to take my money, and CONTROL of me and my (most importantly!) bank account!

And as far as the topic here goes, I’ve written before about why massage workers, call girls, “ladies of the night” (I prefer to use that term because they’re ladies!) are all Goddesses, despite being on the low end of the spectrum in that regard in vanilla life.

And back to Madam Monica?

She was SO gorgeous (is!) and so sexy and commanding is the look in those EYES is that I did something I’ve never ever done before.

Before even getting to know her, or talking to her, I had to say it.

“madam, you’re a true Goddess. Thank you so, so, so much!”

That’s all.

I didn’t say “for what”.

Vibes, my friend!!!!

And pat came the roses and response “thank you”, but despite my very feverish messages to her over the course of the day, I have NOT received a response, yet.

But her picture is firmly emblazoned on my brain!

And those arms, those lovely arms beg to be massaged!

Wait a minute, you say.

Pressing feet, arms, humiliation, etc all par for the course for you, sissy Watson is what I hear you say.

Or CUCK Watson as some say! ?

Or “bitch”, as ladies often say! ?

And yes, it is.

With her, though I’d go to deeper depths of degradation.

First off, remember money is most important boy !!

So she is probably chatting me right now as potential client for her Shanghai, that Medina of femdom spa . . .

. . . And what she doesn’t know is I’ll gladly pay, but to . . .

Massage HER!

For hours! And PAY For it!

I’d gladly pay for orgasm, and not even get to the point she touches my dick. I’d clean her spa for her!

I’d clean the cum stains off the floor. I’d do all the girl’s laundry as they giggled at me (lots of cummy towels, boy!)

And if she wanted, and being “erotic massage” (think ruined orgasms!) is her thang, I’d do more.

Id lick the client’s balls as she did what she had to, for free.

And of course, he’d be happy.

And she’s charge him MORE the next time which is what counts!

Or, Id lick the client’s ass while her lips expertly sucked around his cock head.

Or, I’d lick his nipples if he allowed me!

And of course.

I’d dress up as a sissy, and make sure to have my most vibrant nailpolish and LIPSTICK on (probably red) so that cock and ass crack would get the attention it deserved from a true sissy!

I’d polish her shoes with m y own “ejaculate”.

All of this, and more, and whatever she wants for this Goddess.

Yes, she’s a sex worker. Yes, men “use her”. No, she doesn’t necessarily like her job.

And I hope my respect, admiration and adoration for her makes her like it at least a little more, at least until she has to do it!

Paye Lagu, Perfect Goddess Monica. You’re the best, and you DESERVE to relax, not work!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read about a TRUE tale where a lady of the night humiliated me – and then took me well and truly in hand – Owned by Madam Aa Ling.

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