The sexy Chinese dame I saw in a 2018 movie yesterday!

And my thoughts on this perfect Goddess, of course!

Anyway, a bit of background first. I don’t want to name the movie here, but will if you want to know, but the background is she wasn’t happy with her bf/lover at the time.

A dorky lookin guy (Hollywood movie, so American dude obviously).

(Although the movie DID have it’s fair share of “sucking up to China” in terms of the cast, but that’s another story! ?) – And in terms of “sucking up to “ . . .

Well, the movie opens (almost so) with the dork “on top” of the gorgeous gal.

NOT razor thin either.

With a lovely BIG ass, perhaps in China it would be called “fat”, but my fiurst thoughts when I saw this Goddess . . . ah, but wait. We’ll get to this!

He was “pounding away” if that makes sense.

NO, the movie was not a porno so no real cock shots or anything, cucks! ? (and yes, perhaps slim guys do have the biggest dicks, as my ex once said, hehe).

Now, she was on her stomach, he on top of her.

So I’ll let you “imagine” the pose.

But my first thoughts??

What a lucky guy! He’s humping her ass!

. . . and Personally, that lovely big ass of hers, I’d do anyting to worship it!

Not to mention her lovely stubby fingers, the nails painted BLACK.

And the eyes, the lovely oval eyes with just the right touch of makeup.

The lovely eye lashes, but most of all, the DOMINANT LOOK in her eyes!


Anyway, later in the movie dork starts ignoring her in favor of another white girl (who to be honest didn’t turn me on at all, unlike the two white Goddesses in that movie I wrote about before a while ago! – AND the older lady).

And she takes him to the bathroom at work no less, and tells him the following as he tries to “wriggle” (pun intendes) his way out of it.

“Shut up! Just shut up!”

No “boy”, but . . .

And she kneels, and goes to work. Use your imagination, guys and gals! ?

AS for me, an dwhat I Think she should have done, and what I really wanted her to DO – if it were ME?

Well, flick my nipples with those lovely fingers for one!

Call me boy!

Slap me – HARD at that! As hard as she could!

Tease me with that FOREFINGER of hers as I wrote about in the book on RUINED Orgasms, and LOOK at me while she’s doing it.

“Who do you think you are, boy! I have a real man waiting for me!”

Perhaps that movie is why I’ve been leaking all day today, and I ain’t even watched the whole flick as yet!

The flick itsels is not worthy of mentioned here. Same ole silly “dude hits someone with a car” story, but the girl is gorgeous. Extremely so!

Or so I think anyway, and the way she talk firmly to him – oh boy!

He probably has a big dick though, much like a dude I saw years ago . . . I’ll write about that in a cuck vein later though! ?

For now, Paye LAgu, Malking Ji. You deserve every bit!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can read about more gorgeous Chinese ladies and their brand of real true innate DOMINANCE and true FEMDOM – Mike Watson’s CHINESE Femdom tales (from the mainland, no less, a Mecca for Femdom lover – true femdom lovers! ;)).

PS #2 – Or perhaps, and this would be best – slap my BALLS- my BOLLOCKS – those full balls LEAKING – HARD!

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